The Government begins the round to negotiate the PGE one week before the full debate

The Government steps on the accelerator of the General State Budgets. A week before the amendments to the entire public accounts project for 2021 presented by the Executive, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho Álvarez, they meet with the majority of the “parliamentary groups that have shown their willingness to negotiate”, according to the Government. The talks to seek the necessary alliances take place one day before the deadline to register the amendments to the entire text, which will be debated next week.

PSOE and United We Can close the agreement on Budgets after agreeing that they will regulate rents

PSOE and United We Can close the agreement on Budgets after agreeing that they will regulate rents

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The round has started in Teruel Existe and, throughout Thursday, the government representatives of PSOE and United We Can meet with Ciudadanos, ERC, Eh Bildu, Compromís, Nueva Canarias or the BNG. The PNV does not attend the appointment, annoyed by the urgency of the call. The presence of Inés Arrimadas’ party in the round may cause friction within the Government since since the formation of Pablo Iglesias they want to leave them out since, they say, their 10 votes are not necessary and may jeopardize some of the social measures included in the project.

The Government gave notice late on Wednesday night, which has caused some complaints from the groups, although most have managed to get to Madrid on time from their places of residence, since this week there is no plenary session in Congress. The different speakers will be arriving throughout the day, so the order of the meetings will be a bit random.

From the PNV they have reported that the party “is not in Madrid to take photos but to defend the interests of Euskadi.” The malaise does not mean that the party led by Aitor Esteban in Congress is not going to sit down to negotiate: “EAJ-PNV maintains contacts, conversations and budget negotiations that, in a discreet way, proactive attitude and vocation of agreement, comes keeping with the Spanish Government the latest dates “.

In fact, this Thursday’s round is reached with very advanced talks. The contacts between the Government and the parties willing to support the Budgets that put an end to Cristóbal Montoro’s accounts, approved in 2018 and still in force, have occurred in recent days. In the Executive and in the two groups that support it, they are convinced that they will overcome without problems the debate and vote of the amendments to the whole, which would pave the way for the final approval of the project since then a negotiation of the articles would be entered .


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