The Government avoids criticizing the Church for pedophilia | Society

The Government avoids criticizing the Church for pedophilia | Society

For the first time since EL PAÍS began to publish the information that shows the opacity of the Spanish Church With the cases of pedophilia and sexual abuse suffered in its midst, the Government had no choice but to issue an opinion at the press conference after the Council of Ministers. But the Executive avoided any reproach to the Church for that silence of decades and showed no intention of entering into the matter by creating some kind of commission, preparing a report or rethinking the Concordat, which exempts priests from reporting sexual aggression that they know in the exercise of their ministry.

The government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, expressed the solidarity of the Executive with the victims, but derived any responsibility towards the Church and the courts, to which very few of them usually arrive. THE COUNTRY has only found 33 cases prosecuted, but all the experts – including those of the Church itself – admit that there have been many more and have been hidden by this institution that does not make public, not even the denunciations it has received. Nor does he say what he has done with them or how many cures have been transferred.

"The Government is in solidarity with the victims of abuse. All crimes are repugnant and that of pedophilia even more, and the place where it is produced makes it even more disgusting. With all due respect to the Church and to the Catholics, we must say that we want to clarify all the crimes that have occurred because of the serious repercussions they have had on the victims, but obviously it is not for this Government to prosecute the crime, but to the courts , and therefore they will be the ones who have to do that work, "said Celaá.

The Government maintains extreme prudence in its relationship with the Church in recent weeks, and has rejected these days the invitations from EL PAÍS to give their opinion on the opacity of the Spanish Church on their cases of pedophilia.

The vice president, Carmen Calvo, is scheduled to meet on the 29th in Rome with Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Vatican, with many issues on the table, from the registration of assets to the exhumation of Franco. Now this scandal is added. Calvo has chosen to avoid any tension with the Church before that appointment.


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