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The Government attributed to Sánchez tota the fault of fracàs of the legislature

El Govern atribueix a Sánchez tota la culpa del fracàs de la legislatura

L'independentisme no només did not feel responsible for the fracàs de l'current legislature to Espanya, but considers that it takes the fault of the one who has passat -the return of the presuppositions per part of the Congrés- of which passi -the possible avançament de les eleccions generals to April 28 - is exclusively Pedro Sanchez. To him, of fet, li attributed to the fiasco of the dialogue between the Catalan and Spanish governments, and the impossibility to approve the general contracts of the State, for purely electoral interests.

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"Que vuit mesos després de prendre possessió del càrrec el president of the Government espanyol es plantegi not esgotar the mandat i avançar les eleccions is not perquè els partits independentistes no hàgim tramitat els pressupostos, has to be més aviat pels seus
interessos i per les pressions internes ", reflects a font of the independentist bloc com a rebuig of the accusations that in this sentit li have adreçat des de l'entorn of the leader of the PSOE. One thought that the Catalan Government would share the training that they offer.ERC, JxCat i PDECat- Consciousness of the difficulty of counteracting the relativity in the direction of the articulat ized Government of Spain, però interessats to treure's of envelope, in tot cas, the label of "dolent of the pel·lícula".

Artadi denounces that "s'ha imposat" the internal pressio dels socialistes partidaris of the 155 i of governing amb Cs

"They will decide to leave the taula de diàleg, but at some moment they will decide that the ones who will donate the most to be president are not prou bons to deal with the general pressures of the State," the minister of the Presidency, Elsa Artadi, with reference to the breakdown of negotiations that the Moncloa will formalitzar divendres, malgrat that, segons mitjans of the Generalitat, fins aleshores hi havien hagut avenços significatius, faces insuficients. That circumstància és, for the portaveu of the Catalan Government, the energetic mill that in realitat Sánchez "had no interest" to process the comptes and is acting solely for "electoral interest". I in that canvi d'escenari considers that hi has influenced the manifestation summoned diumenge to Madrid per PP, Cs i Vox, però no només això, sino sobretot the internal pressures dins of the PSOE, in what "s'han imposat els del 155, els partidaris that hi hagi a govern between els socialistes i Cs ".

The fet is that I sense an avenç in the chapter of the dialect, at least that fos, the partisans independentists have a hard to justify davant the seu electorat a position that does not match the rebuig dels pressupostos. "The PSOE has arriat banderes, s'ha plegat to the dreta, has agafat for i s'ha atemorit, i s'ha perdut aquesta oportunitat", is described by the ERC holder to the Congrés, Joan Tardà, after tombar els numbers of Sanchez, that tot i això is going to defend that could continue to governant that if, in canvi, advances the choices "will be considered that the convocation is favorable, will be thinking that tea tues les cartes per guanyar-les, perquè no no he summons them pensant that perdrà ". I in the mateixa línia, the portaveu of the PDECat to the Congrés, Carles Campuzano, goes subratllar that the "poc interès" of the PSOE to throw endavant els comptes tea a clar "electoral component" that, to parer seu, is demonstrated precisely in the " discurs electoral "segons the qual the president of the Government espanyol pretense responsible for the independentists of the blockade of the political situation.

Ara neither the PDECat nor ERC volen eleccions, però especially als postconvergents els agafarà a contrapeu

L'independentisme, in this context, expects com concretin les conseqüències not haver permès the procedure of the comptes i is expectant, per tant, davant the decision on the electoral avançament that Sanchez adopted. An advancement that, of fet, do not fly neither ERC nor the PDECat, perquè l'electoralari is not the one that had previsti, at més, the agafa to contrapeu. A few more than d'altres, in any way, perquè, I pointed out that ERC has not had, in principle, problems to make the candidatures, to the postconvergence space that the PDECat shares with JxCat and also with the Crida National for the Republic to be an authentic galimaties. D'entrada, per accord the formula i the brand amb què is present als comicis i després per triar the candidates that satisfaction totes les parts; malgrat això, però, ja have començat to circulate some noms, especially els d'aquells that have a peu to each platform.

I tot plegat agreed with the confecció de les llistes per a les municipals i les européennes de 26 de maig, which is also not easy, as shown by the fet that continues to be felt, for example, one of the most emblematic , like the one in Barcelona.

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