The Government assures that the water supply is "guaranteed" in Cantabria but calls for responsibility in its consumption

The Government assures that the water supply is "guaranteed" in Cantabria but calls for responsibility in its consumption

The Vice President of Cantabria, Pablo Zuloaga, stated today that the water supply is guaranteed in Cantabria, but calling for responsibility in its consumption is "an obligation of every good government" in the context of this summer of special heat and drought .

To questions from the media at the press conference on the agreements of the Governing Council on the measures that some municipalities have implemented, such as Laredo, which has cut off the supply of ornamental fountains and showers on the seafront, the also spokesman of the Government has recalled that this Administration has the Water Highway to guarantee the supply to the municipalities.

“On occasion, there may be municipalities that suffer from complex situations due to high consumption in places that increase their population extraordinarily in summer, such as coastal ones, which forces local authorities to decree or launch edicts on the responsibility of consumption,” he explained. .

However, he has opined that, in the current context, launching messages of responsibility in the consumption of water or energy "is an obligation of every good ruler because this is the circumstance in which we are living, a particularly dry summer, with waves of heat that also affect Cantabria”.

Zuloaga has said that, in any case, the Government works "hand in hand" with the municipalities through the connections of the Autovía del Agua so that there are no supply cuts.

Pumpers available to farmers

For his part, the Rural Development counselor, Guillermo Blanco, also to questions from the press, has also invited to be responsible with the consumption of water "individually", given that the water capacity has decreased, and has reported that the prevention pumps Fire pits have been made available to ranchers so the cattle can drink.

Blanco recalled that a month ago he sent a letter to all town councils indicating that the pumpers of the Forest Fire Prevention and Fighting service are available to supply water to farmers, as long as there are no fires in that area.

The Ministry asked the Hydrographic Confederation for an "exceptional situation of punctual extractions" by means of pumpers for the supply of water to the animals at certain points, and they are already being used in some places so that the cattle "do not suffer shortages" since the rivers in the region “are very low”, he explained.

Blanco has indicated that, for the moment, "no further measures are needed" against the drought, although he has recalled that "there is still part of August and September", which are months of high temperatures and little rain.

The counselor has thus pronounced himself in a press conference to present the XXVII International Artisan Cheese Fair of Pesquera.

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