September 22, 2020

The Government asks Salvadorans to avoid migrating in caravan to the United States

The Government asks Salvadorans to avoid migrating in caravan to the United States

The Government of Salvador Sánchez Cerén today asked Salvadorans to avoid illegally migrating in caravan, similar to that of thousands of Hondurans, to the United States.

"The Government exhorts our compatriots not to risk their lives by emigrating illegally and, in a special way, we call them not to expose the lives of children and adolescents on a trip of this magnitude (caravan), as they are the most vulnerable to any type of mistreatment ", expressed the Executive through a statement released by the Presidency.

The Executive Body noted that "it is respectful of the freedom of movement and mobilization, as well as the rights of migrants, so we also respect the freedom to express solidarity to the people who adopt this decision."

The government also asked Salvadorans "not to be surprised by malicious people who are engaged in the illegal trafficking of people."

In addition, he reiterated that "it will continue to work with a strong will to reduce irregular migration, through inclusive social and economic policies."

The caravan of Honduran migrants heading to the border with the United States arrived Sunday in the Mexican city of Tapachula, while the immigration authorities urge them to regularize their legal status.

The US president, Donald Trump, said on Monday he will begin to "cut or substantially reduce" the foreign aid that Washington routinely supplies to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for not having "prevented" the exit of the immigrant caravan. .

According to the latest official data from the Department of State, in fiscal year 2018, the United States gave 84 million dollars in foreign assistance to Guatemala, 58 million dollars to Honduras and another 51 million dollars to El Salvador.


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