The Government asks for responsibility to avoid a backward step for the exits of children

The Government has asked citizens to take responsibility and take extreme security measures on the second day that children are allowed to leave to avoid a step backwards in the coronavirus crisis, after abuse and excesses of a minority were registered on Sunday. from 1 %.

The Executive recognized on Monday the exemplary behavior of 99% of Spaniards in the first outings of children to the street after six weeks of confinement, but has warned of the excesses of 1% who have not respected the rules and whose behavior could jeopardize progress in the fight against the virus.

"The vast majority, 99%, have exemplary compliance with the first measure of relief" from confinement, explained at a press conference the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, who thanked them for "exemplary behavior."

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has emphasized that this new phase is difficult and you have to take "special care", because you cannot "take a step back": "These measures of unconfinement are not they still mean that we can do whatever we want. "

Simón has urged individual and family responsibility to ensure that progressive openness "does not become a risk to the population" and recalled that misbehavior can have an impact on the epidemic and on mortality.

The expert stressed that the following measures for the relief of confinement will depend on the evolution of the epidemic and stressed that if all the indications are not respected in the outings with children, "obviously this transition phase will come later or will be more slow than we would like. "

From Sunday, minors can go outside accompanied by a single adult (a maximum of three minors per adult), once a day, for one hour and a maximum distance of one kilometer from the home.

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, also stressed that the vast majority of fathers and mothers have shown responsibility in protecting the health of their children and society, although he has acknowledged that there have been specific breaches, unsystematic, of a minority "absolutely unsupportive" who endangered "their children and society".

In specific areas, the entire family unit was detected, groups of children playing together and groups of parents chatting among themselves, Grande-Marlaska has detailed.

According to the head of the Interior, the arrests and sanction proposals remained on Sunday at the usual levels recorded in the previous days of the state of alarm (the security forces processed 17,515 sanction proposals and detained 157 people).

The agents, he said, remained "vigilant" exercising pedagogical work and "acting in the most serious situations."

Some local police, such as those in Madrid and Pamplona, ​​have already warned that the first day of the walks with children they carried out an informative and pedagogical work, but this Monday the sanctions will begin for the breaches of the required measures.

In Valencia, police control has been increased to monitor compliance with the regulations, especially in an area of ​​the old Turia riverbed, where agglomerations were registered on Sunday, but it will keep the parks and gardens open "for now".

The images of complete families walking without respecting the safety distance or of children playing soccer have been criticized by users on social networks.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has stressed that the pandemic has not yet been overcome and has asked "please" for responsibility for people who breached security measures on Sunday because society cannot afford to let their guard down. nor take any license.

This Monday, Catalonia has once again requested that the children's outings be organized by hourly sections because the current system, said the Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch, makes it "very difficult to verify and demonstrate" that children under 14 only leave one hour.

While some cities have chosen to close their parks to avoid crowds and crowds, such as Madrid and Cáceres, the Lugo City Council will paint children's games on the sidewalks of the city so that children can play outdoors.


From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, it has been warned that not complying with security measures can cause "a spike in infections." The exits of the minors of 14 years are to alleviate their confinement, "in no case should they serve as an excuse for the whole family to leave the home or resume their social life."

Pediatricians urge to change the walking area or to return to the home when an adequate safety distance cannot be maintained with other people.

"We have to continue being responsible so that it is guaranteed that the lack of confinement for boys and girls can be maintained and extended both to those between 14 and 17 years of age and to the hours and areas in which they can travel," the director told Efe. of Children's Awareness and Policies of Save the Children, Catalina Perazzo.

Perazzo has affirmed that these exits are fundamental for the well-being and health of the children "since the negative impact that the confinement was having urged to take this measure".

In this line, from Unicef ​​Spain, Cristina Junquera has stressed that it is "very important that all indications are strictly adhered to" because, if not, "we can back down after so many weeks of confinement and effort", which asks for patience , prudence and "absolute responsibility".


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