The Government asks for loyalty and not to transfer false grievances in the de-escalation

The government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, has asked this Sunday to act with loyalty and "not to transfer false grievances" between territories during the de-escalation and has warned that "forcing the rhythm can cost us dearly", both from the point of view health, in human lives, as economic.

"The really serious thing would be to move away from that sanitary criterion and to be carried away by considerations of a political nature or of any other nature," the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, said at a press conference in Moncloa with the regional presidents by videoconference. .

Montero has assured that he understands that there may be a certain disappointment in the territories that will continue in phase 0, but he has insisted on prudence: "Running more than we can can return us to that starting box, and we cannot do that. allow neither as a country nor as a society. "

He highlighted the health consequences, the cost in human lives, but also the economic and social ones, since it is very important for recovery - he said - that there are no regrowths, that steps are consolidated and that trust is generated.

In his words, the political leaders who have met this Sunday have agreed on the need to act with "utmost caution and loyalty" and try "not to transfer false grievances or speculations that have no basis in a pandemic of these characteristics."

"We are not going to get there sooner because we are rushing," the spokesperson reiterated.

To advance in the phases of de-escalation, he explained, "objective" criteria are used related to the evolution of the virus in each territory, the healthcare capacity of health centers and their ability to detect and monitor cases.

There have been many bilateral meetings between technicians from the Ministry of Health and from the autonomous communities and the work has been "very rigorous", added Montero.


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