The Government asks for "confidence" from the citizens who have "objections" with the pardons: "It is time to turn the page"

The Government launches itself into pedagogical work on pardons, a measure that is aware that it raises blisters in a part of society and even the electorate of Pedro Sánchez. Once it is assumed that in a few weeks the Council of Ministers will grant a partial pardon to the independence leaders, the commitment of the Socialists is to explain that the grace measure will help to re-establish ties between Catalonia and Spain. That is why it demands "trust" from the citizens, especially those who have "objections" regarding the forgiveness of those responsible for the crime. you process, and an opportunity for dialogue. In between, the letter in which Oriol Junqueras renounces the unilateral way and addresses the whole of Catalan society has crept in, which for the Executive is "a step that advances in the way and the right direction". For the socialists, who demanded a gesture to the independence movement, it is a relief. The deputy secretary general, Adriana Lastra, has, in fact, applauded the "brave" steps of ERC.

The Government applauds the "self-criticism" de Junqueras while the PP accuses him of "crush the coexistence"

The Government applauds the "self-criticism" of Junqueras while the PP accuses him of "crushing coexistence"

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"We understand that there are people who have qualms about forgiving or taking steps in relation to our rapprochement after the commotion that occurred during those three and a half years," said the Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, at the press conference. after the Council of Ministers in which it has not followed that script in which it recognized that the events of 1-O produced "tears", "anguish", "wounds difficult to heal" or "unpleasant situations" but insisted that the time has come to "turn the page."

"We are aware that many Spaniards will have a hard time thinking about whether it is convenient to take a step in rapprochement or forgiveness because it is a wound that will take time to heal. The Government understands that there is no other option than to try to speak, dialogue" Montero has said trying to empathize with those citizens -many of those who in the Government assume that they vote socialist-.

"You cannot leave a bleeding wound, open, that the only thing that produces is pain, frustration, suffering and dissatisfaction for everyone, in addition to uncertainty in an environment in which we have to get investors to trust our country," he summarized the spokeswoman, who has addressed the skeptics regarding the forgiveness of the independentistas: "I want to address them because what this Government is doing is the best for the whole of Spaniards and younger generations."

Parallelism with Transition

The Government therefore asks citizens for "confidence" to give an opportunity to the "reunion" for which Sánchez is committed and which now has a Government in Catalonia willing to address a solution through dialogue, although both parties admit that it will be difficult. "It is time to turn the page and start a new stage for Spain and Catalonia," the spokesperson asserted: "It is time, at the discretion of this Government, to find a solution to this problem that compromises the economy and social welfare."

The Executive also compares the dialogue table that will be resumed soon with the Transition, a stage that has been raised for years by the possibility of reaching consensus among different people. Montero has referred precisely to the people who "had fought in opposing spheres" and who "had the height of view to sit at that table where no one was left over." "That is what the Government of Spain is doing by taking these steps and encouraging others to bring these approaches," he said.

It is there where the Government and the PSOE launch a harsh reproach to the PP. On the one hand, they place him at the origin of the conflict in Catalonia in the distribution of blame in which they also include the independence movement and they reproach him for not leaning his shoulder to solve the situation. Montero has explained that "hiding his head like an ostrich", as in his opinion Mariano Rajoy did, does not lead to anything. "What the previous Executive did, which was simply to do nothing, understanding that doing nothing would allow conflicts not to run aground," he said after referring to the "anguish" that Spaniards experienced with situations such as the unilateral declaration of independence. or seeing Carles Puigdemont crossing the border.

At the gates of PP, Ciudadanos and Vox reissuing the photo of Colón in a demonstration against pardons, the spokesperson said that the government's impression is that there are parties "that live more comfortably in the conflict situation." "Not all of us move the same [ha dicho refiriéndose al posible coste electoral de los indultos]. We are moved by the construction of this country in an inclusive way and that no one is left behind and others feel more comfortable in the polarization of politics, which is where they find a gap, "he has settled.


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