December 4, 2020

The Government asks an independentista for five years in prison for attacking two mossos despite the fact that JxCat and ERC demanded that he withdraw from the case

The Generalitat has maintained the request for a sentence of five and a half years in prison for a young man, Adrián Sas, whom it accuses of attacking two agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra during a protest in front of the Parliament on the first anniversary of the referendum of 1 October despite the fact that the two parties that make up the Government, JxCat and ERC, had asked to withdraw it. The trial has been seen for sentence this Tuesday at the Barcelona Court.

The accusations of the Generalitat against pro-independence activists whom it has previously encouraged to demonstrate they are already common in Catalan courtrooms: whenever a mosso d’esquadra is injured by a protester, the legal services of the Ministry of the Interior appear in court. But if until last summer JxCat and ERC put themselves in profile with the accusations raised by the Interior, in the case of the young Adrián Sas the two parliamentary groups of the parties in the Government came to ask the Generalitat to withdraw from the case.

Asked about the contradiction, the Government spokeswoman, Meritxell Budó, has ignored her party’s request to withdraw the prison request. Budó has assured that the legal services of the Government have requested the postponement of the trial and has blamed the defendant’s defense for not wanting to agree to it. In reality, nothing of what the spokesperson said has occurred in the courtroom of section 5 of the Barcelona Court: the Generalitat’s lawyer has not asked for the postponement of the hearing on the issues prior to the trial, the procedural moment for to do so, and at the end of the hearing he has upheld the request for a sentence of five and a half years in prison for the crimes of public disorder and attack on the agents of the authority that he requested before JxCat and ERC requested that the accusation be dropped.

The events occurred on October 1, 2018 in the protest that the CDR called on the occasion of the first anniversary of the referendum. According to the Prosecutor’s Office – which is asking for 7 years in prison – and the Generalitat, the young man, whose face was covered with a red scarf, hit two police officers with a stick, and one of them again when he tried to get up off the ground after the first assault.

During the trial, the young man has denied that he assaulted any agent, a story opposed to the half dozen Mossos d’Esquadra agents who have testified and who have pointed to the accused as the only person who hit the policemen with a stick. . Among the mossos injured and who have testified is Deputy Inspector Jordi Arasa, convicted in the first instance for beating peaceful protesters of 15-M.

The defense of the young man, who is practiced by the lawyer David Aranda from Solidària Alert, has questioned the identification of the accused made by the Catalan police. First of all, because in the opinion of the defense, the accused is not the person who appears in the videos of the events, contrary to what the Mossos maintain. The defense further alleges that the regional police had already decided to prosecute Sas, taking into account that they were already monitoring him two days before the police report on the analysis of the videos was drawn up, and they question the chain of custody of the recordings.

By contrast, in their final reports, the prosecutor and the Generalitat lawyer have given full validity to the videos, and have requested a sentence for the young man for hitting the agents with a stick. The coroner who has appeared as an expert has not been the proof of the cotton that the accusations expected, since she has considered that the wounds of the policemen are compatible both with a blow of a stick and a fall or a bad gesture of the neck. The final decision will be made by the magistrates.


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