January 24, 2021

The Government asks Alcoa to reconsider the collective dismissal in Spain

On Friday, the Minister of Finance and government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, urged the multinational Alcoa to reconsider the collective dismissal of 534 workers at the San Cibrao (Lugo) aluminum production plant.

After the press conference of the Council of Ministers, Montero explained that the Government has been in permanent contact with the industrial sector, “now and in previous stages”, and has reiterated its commitment to the Spanish productive fabric, “especially those who it has to do with Galicia “.

The aluminum multinational Alcoa yesterday informed the works committee of its factory in San Cibrao, in the Mariña region of Lugo, the start of a consultation period for a collective dismissal of a maximum of 534 employees, due to the “unsustainable” situation that it is going through. that factory.

Hence, Montero, who has said that the government works “day by day and intensively” to find a solution, has urged the company to rethink the layoffs.


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