The Government approves this Friday the new electric social bond - La Provincia

Governmentwill approve predictably on Friday a decree law on energythat introduces changes in theelectric social bond, as its extension to single-parent families and people in dependency situation in grades 3 and 2, while creating the social thermal bond (heating), which will be borne by the State -not the companies- and will be paid in the form of direct check to the beneficiaries.

According to Europa Press informed sources aware of the decision, within six months from the enactment of the decree will be approved aNational strategy against energy poverty, after its relevant debate with the affected social sectors, which will establish, with an "integral and coherent" character, all measures and actions to reduce and alleviate energy poverty.

While approving this strategy, the Government will adopt from Friday a series of measures on the current social bond -the one created in 2017-, as well as theexpand the social groups that have a better treatment in income levelsso that the benefit can be applied.

Thus, single-parent families and people in situations of dependency, grades 3 and 2 (not grade 1) enter as new sub-sectors.The disability remains as it was, it was considered since 2017 in this reinforced position(equal to or greater than 33%). Large families remain as they have been until now, so that all can be accommodated regardless of their income level.

What yeswill be modified upwards are the electric powers that enter the social bonusand the distribution of consumption between months.

At the same time, a new social thermal bond is created, which includes heating fuels (natural gas, butane gas, diesel, pellets, etc.), thus expanding the social-electric bond to other energy sources.

This social thermal bond will be paid by the State, not by electric companies such as the electric social bond, and will be paid as a direct check that will be sent to the beneficiary families. Theamount is not yet fixed and will depend, among others, on the climate zoneof Spain in which the dwelling is located, so that there will be different aid intensities depending on whether the climatic zone is colder or warmer or warmer.

All the people entitled to the electric social bond will be automatically entitled to the thermal social bond. They are, therefore, cumulative, and the way to reach the thermal is to be recognized as beneficiary of the electric. Thehelp of the social thermal bond will accrue from January 1, 2019, since it is applied in winter.

Regarding the calendar, the date of October 8 is still the maximum term for the persons and families that benefit from the social bond in their 2009 configuration to request the transfer to the regulated company in 2017. This change is made so that the right does not lose who already had it.

The royal decree will grant an extraordinary period of regularization, until December 31 of this year, for those who benefit from the social bond have not requested full application, with all the supporting documents for the change to the new model before October 8 of this year, as the last non-extendable opportunity.

As for thenew applications from those people and families who have not yet recognized the bonussocial electric, there is no established deadline for them to request it and register with their reference distribution company, so that they can do so at any time once they understand that they meet the required social and income requirements.

Regarding the social thermal bond, enjoy a saving in the expense of heating happens automatically by having recognized the electric, so the entry door is always to request the social bond, in its terms and following the established procedures.

Those who have recognized the electric social bond - model 2009 reconfirmed after requesting it before October 8, 2018, and model 2017 - will enjoy the thermal automatically, without needing to request it specifically.


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