June 24, 2021

The Government approves the conditions of the budget extension for 2020

This Friday, the Council of Ministers adopted an agreement that establishes the criteria for applying the extension for 2020 of the General State Budgets in force this year, which are the 2018 accounts extended.

As explained by the Ministries of Finance and Labor, the accounts are extended in the same terms as last year, so that the State Budget for 2020 amounts to 277.933 million euros, which was the initial budget of 2019.

The budgets of the autonomous bodies for 2020 carried over add up to 38,949 million.

The Government specifies that with this measure it complies with Article 134 of the Spanish Constitution, which establishes that if, on arriving on January 1, there is no Budget law approved for that year, the accounts of the previous year are automatically considered extended.

This is the first time in all democracy that a Budget has been extended twice, a situation that has been reached after the budget project for 2019 was vetoed in the Congress of Deputies and the lack of a full government capabilities prevented you from submitting new accounts.


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