April 15, 2021

The Government approves an offer of 1,735 places of public employment to face the Brexit

The Government approves an offer of 1,735 places of public employment to face the Brexit

The Council of Ministers approved on Friday an agreement with measures on public employment in order to strengthen the services affected by the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which entails the1,735 people work through the approval of a royal decree by which a part of the Public Employment Offer for the year 2019 is advanced.

Of this personnel reinforcement of 1,735 personnel, 875 correspond to public employees or jobs of the General State Administration, and 860 personnel for services provided by public companies, mainly AENA and Puertos del Estado, reports Ep.

The 875 new troops for the General State Administration are divided among the Treasury departments (462 cash); Territorial Policy and Public Function (135); Interior (59); Agriculture and Fisheries (30), Health, Consumption and Social Welfare (18); Industry, Commerce and Tourism (51) and Education, Culture and Sports (18).

The remaining places go to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (26 places), Development (62), Justice (3), Economy () and Ecological Transition (6).

The Executive notes that the Administration currently has the necessary means to deal with the framework of relations that would occur with the United Kingdom after its withdrawal from the European Union, but recognizes that the availability of public employees in certain sectors should be reinforced.

In addition, it is necessary have the majority of said troops before March 29, the date on which the departure from the United Kingdom is planned, with or without an agreement, to act sufficiently in advance.

Thus, he points out that the most relevant areas that need personnel reinforcement are border control of people, customs control and external sanitary inspection services, both for the import and export of goods.

Other affected sectors are the control of the security in the transport of travelers, the offices of extranjería and the attention to the British citizens, as well as the activities of promotion of the internationalization of the Spanish companies or the activity of the representation of Spain in the UK.


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