December 4, 2020

The Government approves aid for technicians in the culture sector and also for bullfighting workers

Today the Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree by means of which it extends the subsidy for cultural assistants and technicians and extends until January 31, 2021 the extraordinary economic benefit for unemployment for artists in public performances.

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Cultural events and entertainment cry out for their survival: five testimonies from the front row of the drama

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The first of the measures “is an unemployment subsidy for technical and auxiliary personnel, as well as for personnel affected by the cancellations of cultural events and shows,” as stated by the Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, given that the Minister of Culture and Sports has not appeared at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

This Royal Decree “creates a new coverage for cessation of activity that will allow technicians and assistants in the culture sector to benefit from an unemployment benefit for the first time,” explains the Ministry of Culture in a statement. “Technical professionals in the sector such as choreography assistants, cameras, light and sound technicians, stage set-up technicians, councilmen or machinists, will enjoy a benefit. Until now, these professionals could not benefit from the general coverage of the unemployment system by the peculiarities of his profession, characterized especially by intermittence “.

A new coverage that adds 14 million euros to the aid to the cultural sector as a whole and aims to cover, this time, a technical staff who lived certain legal lack of protection against the consequences of the coronavirus crisis, as argued by platforms such as Red Alert. This specific aid is aimed at more than 10,000 people who until now could not access this type of subsidy.

“Technical and auxiliary personnel from the culture sector who have provided services on behalf of others for the realization of an event, a work or public performance in any medium or means of dissemination, may receive an unemployment benefit,” says the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy in a statement. “Potential beneficiaries must prove a contribution period of at least 35 days. They must also be registered in the public employment services and must not have a full-time job, either self-employed or employed. The subsidy is incompatible with the receipt of other types of aid and will last three months “.

The second measure taken today by the Council of Ministers is the agreement to extend the extraordinary unemployment benefit for artists. “Given the persistence of restrictions derived from the health crisis, which currently prevents the full recovery of economic activity, the Royal Decree-Law agrees to extend the extraordinary unemployment benefit for artists in public performances, until January 31 2021 “, reads the ministerial statement. “The expansion of the unemployment benefit will allow, among others, actors and actresses, directors and stage and orchestra directors, musicians, circus artists, or directors and film directors continue to be protected despite the interruption of their activity” . This benefit, already approved in May, is now being expanded to reach more than 35,000 artists and professionals affected by the crisis. It will have an estimated cost of 95.4 million euros. Both the subsidy and the extension to request the benefit will be immediate after the approval of the Royal Decree.

Aid for the bullfighting sector

In addition to the two measures already mentioned, an extraordinary access to unemployment benefits for workers in the bullfighting sector has also been approved. “Workers who were left out of aid in May and who the pandemic has prevented them from carrying out their work normally, due to its intermittence and cancellations,” as María Jesús Montero has argued. From now on they will be able to receive a monthly aid of around 775 euros per month.

The Government thus responds to the requests of the bullfighting sector, which in May presented to the Government a document with 37 measures to alleviate the economic crisis suffered due to the pandemic. A document, by the way, which contained numerous inaccuracies.

“Bullfighting workers, affected by the declaration of the State of Alarm and the restrictions adopted by the health authorities during their usual period of activity, have not been able to contribute what is necessary to generate the right to unemployment benefit in accordance with their special regime of contribution to the Social Security, being, therefore, in a special situation of vulnerability “, they explain from the ministry. “Coinciding with the end of the bullfighting season, an extraordinary access to the contributory unemployment benefit for bullfighting professionals is now recognized, which will run until January 31, 2021.”

“The bullfighting professionals who appear in the census of assets as of December 31, 2019 will see extraordinary access to the contributory unemployment benefit recognized,” he also maintains in a statement from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. “This benefit will be incompatible with the perception of contributory benefit for ordinary unemployment. Neither will people who have income from self-employed or employed activities or who receive other benefits, minimum income, inclusion income, social salary or similar aid granted by any Public administration”.


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