Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

The Government approves a credit supplement of 7 million for cinema grants

The government in office has approved this Friday in the Council of Ministers a supplement of credit of 7 million euros for the payment of general aid to feature films on the 2019 project, provided in the Law of Cinema.

The reason is that with the budgets carried over from 2018, the total funding of the Fund for Aid for Cinematography, which includes these general aids, amounts to 70,766,000 euros, insufficient to cover all the pending calls, according to the Council's review.

With this credit supplement, which comes from the remnant of the Institute of Cinematography (ICAA) and which required the approval of the Treasury, the Fund totals 77,766,000 euros. The next step will be the approval of the call for such aid, foreseeably in the coming weeks.

The general aids are intended to finance the projects of feature films of higher budgets, which make up the industrial and commercial sector of film production.

Treasury problems have been dragging on for several years due to the complications of the change in the aid model that came into force in 2016. It went from a system of aid to amortization, which was granted two years after the premiere, to another aid on project, divided into general (large productions) and selective (independent film).

According to the director of the ICAA, Beatriz Navas, "a good calculation was not made" of the last amortization aid that had to be paid in 2018 (corresponding to 2016 premieres), so it was decided to divide the payment of the 64 million pending between 2018 and 2019.

Already last year the Government was forced to approve two extraordinary items of 7 and 10.8 million euros to deal with all calls and this year the situation is repeated, although the total endowment will be lower (last year were 88.6 million).

This is due, according to Navas, to the fact that last year they were dragging more amounts pending payment of the plurianualidades of general aids, which are paid in several installments, at the time of the resolution (20%), at the start of filming ( 50%) and in the presentation of costs after the premiere (30%).

The general aids to the production of feature films on projects are granted by the ICAA through the application of objective criteria that include, among other aspects, the economic and financial viability of the project, the diffusion or the technical solvency of the beneficiary.

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