The Government appoints the lawyer Violeta Assiego as new General Director of Children

Violeta Assiego, lawyer and human rights activist, is the new general director of the Rights of Children and Adolescents. The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday the appointment of Assiego, with which he intends to “give new impetus” to the General Directorate for Children, according to sources in the area of ​​Social Rights, in which the lawyer will work. Assiego’s appointment comes two weeks after Congress will approve the new law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents in the face of Violence, which is only waiting for the Senate to be a reality. Developing and implementing it will be one of your main occupations.

What changes for children the new law against violence against children, in ten keys

What changes for children the new law against violence against children, in ten keys

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Assiego already had “a crucial role” in the drafting of the aforementioned children’s law, government sources explain, where he coincided with the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, who will now be his boss. His arrival in the administration is part of the desire of the area led by Unidas Podemos within the Executive that “feminism and civil society” play “a key role in the development of the transformation and future policies that our society needs”, according to party sources.

The already general director of Children is co-author of the books Hate crimes. Practical guide for the legal profession Y Tear down the walls. She has also worked as a researcher, communicator and analyst on issues related to discrimination, social vulnerability and human rights. She is known for her LGTBI activism, a topic on which she has given lectures and published several reports and studies. What’s more, has been a contributor to this newspaper since 2015 and also publishes columns in other media.

The child protection law is about to be approved – it had the majority support of Congress, except for Vox and the PNV, in the second case for jurisdictional reasons, and 16 abstentions – in Spain with more than a decade of delay since The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child will recommend its approval, in the image and likeness of the Law against Gender Violence. That is, that it was comprehensive and deployed in all areas. Among other measures, it lengthens the statute of limitations for pedophilia, shields the right of children to be heard in the proceedings that affect them and, at the judicial level, it will generalize what is known as pre-constituted evidence, for which a minor under 14 years of age does not You must testify more than once when you are the victim of a crime.


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