The Government applauds the "self-criticism" of Junqueras while the PP accuses him of "crushing the coexistence"

The Government has agreed with satisfaction the letter in which Oriol Junqueras renounces the unilateral way in Catalonia and it recognizes that pardons are a way to alleviate the situation. Coalition partners have applauded the ERC leader's gesture at the gates of the Council of Ministers granting partial pardons to the leaders of the you process within the framework of the "reunion" policy of the Pedro Sánchez Executive. The publication of the article also coincided with the presence of the president at the first public act, which was also attended by the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés. Sánchez has taken the opportunity to insist on the abandonment of "maximalist positions" and "partisan interests" to initiate a stage of dialogue in Catalonia.

Sánchez defends against Aragonès to abandon the "maximalist positions" to regain coexistence

Sánchez defends against Aragonès abandoning the "maximalist positions" to regain coexistence

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Beyond the generic message sent by the president in the speech at the awards ceremony of the Catalan employer's association Foment del Treball, which has not specifically referred to either the pardons or the new stage that he intends to inaugurate with the newly elected president of The Generalitat, the Minister of Transport and Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, has celebrated the self-criticism of Junqueras and the "revision" that he has made in his article of "everything that has been done". In fact, he has considered that the letter is a "reaction" to the government's policy of dialogue. "It is clear that this dialogue framework has to be within the law," Ábalos said in reference to that letter and what is now being opened between the Government and the Generalitat. The Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, spoke in the same direction, pointing to the "good gesture" of the former Catalan vice president.

In an interview in Red Hot (La Sexta), Ábalos has emphasized that Junqueras has referred to "the group of Catalans who were not respected enough not to say that they were not respected at all." "It seems to me an important step," said the socialist leader. Even so, it has recognized that the task is "difficult" as the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has said regarding the dialogue that both administrations want to launch.

Junqueras has insisted on the 'Scottish route' for Catalonia, which consists of a referendum agreed with the State to which the PSOE refuses. "We will raise ours [propuestas] and we will try to find a solution within the legality to solve the problems ", said Ábalos, who has admitted that the socialists will have to do" pedagogy regarding why and for what "they propose measures, such as pardons," that alleviate the situation".

Both Ábalos and Belarra have maintained the speech that the Executive has deployed in the last two weeks regarding pardons in favor of coexistence. "The benefits will be seen later, because the object is not to pardon, it is to remove the traumatic elements that spoil normality and impede dialogue," he concluded.

However, the ERC spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, has assured that her party will not renounce "any democratic path" after the article by her head of ranks and Junts, the other partner of the Government, has replied to Junqueras that the independence movement should not rule out any avenue to achieve independence.

For the PP, the Junqueras platform is not a positive gesture because "the independence leaders do not give up breaking the constitutional model or crushing coexistence." This has been assured this Monday by the national spokesman of the party and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who wanted to make it clear that despite the words of Junqueras, the participation of the PP along with Vox in the concentration that will take place continues in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid next Sunday.

He has also assured that "the unilateral way did not work" in Catalonia because there was a State of Law in front of it that put constitutional instruments ", because" if it had not been for the State of Law, Junqueras would have tried to triumph and would have triumphed. "

Sources from the national leadership of the PP explain that the agreed referendum proposed by Junqueras is "illegal" so that, in their opinion, ERC remains "outside the Constitution and legality." In addition, the same sources emphasize that Junqueras "does not ask for forgiveness" in his rostrum and assures that "Sánchez has to do very badly in the polls" to stage his understanding with Pere Aragonès.

Citizens do not believe in the word of Junqueras

Nor is Ciudadanos convinced by the positioning of Junqueras. "It is the word of a convicted person, the word of someone who has repeated a thousand times that they will do it again, and the word of a person who does not consider those of us who have not supported independence as Catalans," said Inés Arrimadas, who believes that It has no value that now “they say in a letter and only once that maybe they quit. These gentlemen are saying all day that they are going to do it again and they are threatening all day, "he reports. Carmen moraga.

"He has sold us for a plate of lentils," Arrimadas lamented about the pardons for which Sánchez has paved the way. "Why should we give privileges to politicians? Citizens are not removed from fines because they say that They are not going to do it again. I believe that citizens comply and pay, "said Arrimadas, for whom Sanchez" claims that now nothing happens when he said the opposite in the campaign, that he was not going to pardon them. " "The only thing that has changed is that now he needs them to continue governing. It is a humiliation," he has settled.


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