February 27, 2021

The Government applauds that Felipe VI take measures to “increase the exemplarity of the Head of State”

“Worrying”. The Government does not hide that the information on the millions that Juan Carlos I managed during his tenure in tax havens such as Switzerland and the Bahamas and from regimes such as that of Saudi Arabia cannot be left unanswered. On the one hand, there is the judicial route, but on the other, in Moncloa, they admit that the Royal House must look for exits so as not to stain Felipe VI. Although the public the Executive avoids the tone exits.

The Government redoubles the pressure on Juan Carlos I to save the image of Felipe VI

The Government redoubles the pressure on Juan Carlos I to save the image of Felipe VI

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“The government’s opinion is obvious and the president’s was quite clear after the statements he made where he thanked the current head of state for having put in place measures that increased transparency and accountability and preserved the institution from any media noise,” The spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, initially answered the question of whether the King Emeritus should leave the seat of the monarchy.

The Executive hopes that the Royal House will continue to take steps to distance itself from Juan Carlos I, who, according to Executive sources, would not even have to wait for a firm judicial ruling. “The Government welcomes all the past and future measures that can be promoted to increase the exemplary nature of the Head of State regarding the development of its functions,” Montero said in response to the umpteenth time that journalists have asked him about the departure from the emeritus of Zarzuela. “They perfectly guess what is the opinion and preference of this Executive,” he later expressed. In any case, the Government assures that any decision to distance himself from the emeritus, as well as accountability, corresponds to the Royal Household to adopt it.

Pedro Sánchez’s obsession is that the figure of Felipe VI does not accuse the wear of his father’s actions and that is why they emphasize that measures have been taken in the matter of transparency. “With the president’s words, satisfaction with the operation of the rule of law was clear,” Montero said, referring to journalistic investigations and judicial proceedings. “The Government is going to support and collaborate with all actions that are required of it. We all have to be equal before the law and respond individually. We appreciate any impulse that from the Head of State so that citizens know with transparency what they are the activities, issues that currently occupy the Royal House, “he concluded.

Montero has also made it clear that the Government’s opinion regarding the Royal Household is that which has been expressed by both the president and her in her capacity as spokesperson, despite the fact that the second vice-president, Pablo Iglesias, assured that Juan cannot be removed Carlos I of his son and raised that the debate on the usefulness of the monarchy should be opened. Montero has framed the different positions at the level of the parties that support the Government, as was demonstrated in the commission of inquiry that United Podemos supported in Congress and that rejected the PSOE.


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