Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

The Government announces that 37 actions of the Mossos in the riots are already investigated after the 1-O ruling

The management of Mossos d’Esquadra it is one of the usual targets of the opposition in the control sessions at Govern and the president of the Generalitat in the Parliament. And this Wednesday has been again, with criticism, for contrary reasons, of the Cup and the PP, who have recalled the response of the Catalan police to the days of riots, especially in the center of Barcelona, ​​which followed the publication of the judgment of the you process.

A focus on which the Government has already announced what was then called “the largest internal audit” of the Mossos, and today the president Quim Torra has reported that it is still expanding. In this regard, the head of the Catalan Executive has reported that four new investigated actions have been added at the request of Amnesty International, so there are already 37 actions on file.

“All these will be thoroughly investigated so that all the requirements and guarantees are fulfilled, and their responsibilities will be transferred to this Chamber,” said Torra. That is why it has advanced that in a month the Minister of Interior, Miquel Buch, will present a first report of the files in the Parliament.

“The Mossos are and must be a democratic police force that acts with proportional methods and under criteria of mediation, dialogue and defense of fundamental rights. Any practice outside the protocols is investigated and must be resolved with responsibilities ”, the president insisted, on the accusations of“ more than 200 repressive actions of the Mossos of the effective Government ”of the CUP deputy Maria Sirvent. “We do not forget the images of police brutality we have experienced in recent months,” said the Cupera representative.

Cs warns of “shadows of arbitrariness” and “purges” in internal affairs of the Catalan police

Minutes before, and in the opposite direction, the deputy of Cs Matías Alonso has indicated “shadows of arbitrariness” in the area of ​​internal affairs of the Mossos and has complained of “lack of equanimity and equal treatment of all agents” . In this sense, Alonso has spoken of “purge” against riot agents who participated in the containment of the riots in Barcelona after the publication of the judgment of the trial of the you process.

Given this, the Minister Buch has made a comprehensive defense of the management of the Catalan regional police and stressed that throughout the less than two years of the legislature the Mossos have incorporated 1,500 positions of agents and have accessed the CITCO (Center of Intelligence against Terrorism and Organized Crime of the State). To this Buch has added “the fight against the effects of 155” and “the problems arising from the 800 million owed by the State.”

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