June 14, 2021

The Government and Navarre parties ask for “respect” to the president of Madrid

The Foral Government and the majority of forces with representation in Navarra have requested “respect” from the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has demanded a “public rectification of the statements in which she described as ‘paletos’ to the political representatives of the Navarrese. “

The vice president of the Government of Navarra, José María Aierdi, after asking for “education” and respecting “the history and citizens of this community,” has acknowledged by being asked by journalists about it, that they had not addressed this issue in the government session because “fundamentally” they address “serious issues and obviously ignorance in this case is bold.”

“Nothing that could have known the history of Navarra, the ability and respect that we Navarre have for our institutions and our regulatory development would have been able to not make statements in that regard,” he said.

The words of Díaz Ayuso have led the parliamentary groups of PSN, Geroa Bai, EH Bildu and Podemos to present two initiatives in the Parliament of Navarra.

The first of these is a motion in which the Navarrese Government is urged “to demand the president of the Community of Madrid, as well as her political training, a public rectification of the statements in which she called ‘paletos ‘to political representatives of Navarre and Navarre. “

The second, an institutional declaration, by which the Parliament of Navarra demands a public rectification and in which, among other issues, the Chamber is asked to stand in solidarity with “Leon, Balearic and Catalan citizenship, which together with the Navarra have been the final object of the insults of the president of the Community of Madrid ”.

For Javier Esparza, president of UPN – who presented himself for the elections with PP and Cs on the Navarra Suma platform – “it is compatible to defend the foral regime and be loyal to Spain”.

After pointing out that “it is not possible to speak from the ignorance of the political reality of the Foral Community”, Esparza has stressed that “the regional regime, defended from the Navarrese regionalism represented by UPN and by which a majority of Navarre society bets , is synonymous with integration, solidarity and respect for the common project of Spain “.


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