The Government allocates 3,263 million euros to a plan to boost youth employment




The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday
the Youth Guarantee Plan Plus (PGJ +)
for the period 2021-2027, endowed with 3,263 million euros, which aims to improve the qualification of young people to acquire professional skills and techniques necessary to access the labor market.

In the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the Third Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, explained that this project is part of the Youth Advance Strategic Plan, which groups together the set of actions for youth employment that the Government will deploy with an investment of 4,950 million euros.

Of that amount close to
5,000 million euros, 3,263 million correspond to the Youth Guarantee Plus
, 937 million euros to various investments for youth employment contemplated in the Recovery Plan, 600 million to training programs with alternation in employment and 150 million to the agreement with the Secretary of State for Digitalization of Artificial Intelligence.

"We are facing the largest investment by the Government of Spain in the history of democracy to address the problem of youth unemployment, with an investment that reaches almost 5,000 million euros," said Díaz, who stressed that young people, by the mere fact if they are, they do not deserve "unworthy" wages and jobs, quite the contrary. «We can't have young people hired for 436 euros a month, "lamented Díaz, who assured that" a part of the young people has fallen into discouragement.

"The main problem that Spain has is unemployment (...), but particularly that of young people," continued the minister, who recalled that in 2013 the youth unemployment rate reached 53%. According to the EPA, the unemployment rate in 2020 among young people up to 29 years of age was 30.19%, but it rises to 39.6% among people under 24 years of age.

Three lines of action

This plan is based on three lines of action with 69 measures to improve personalized guidance and monitoring in all actions to support young people; training aimed at acquiring skills based on the transformation needs of the production model, and improving employment opportunities through incentives aimed especially at people who need special consideration.

The PGJ +,
that has been addressed in the social dialogue, discussed with the autonomous communities
s and with entities such as the Injuve or the General Youth Council, it contemplates "a multitude of actions", as the minister underlined, among them the commitment that the young people enrolled in the plan will have immediate attention so that within a maximum period of four months they have received a job or training offer that will have a special follow-up during this period.

Interested young people will have a free telephone line that will allow them to answer questions about the care, as well as complementary digital systems. There will be a specific virtual space that will allow training and also the search and selection of job offers and support for youth entrepreneurship.

In this sense, the PGJ + will promote, in addition to training in digital marketing and commercialization, to young entrepreneurs.

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