The Government agrees with the unions a public employment offer with 29,578 places

The unions have sealed this Monday an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and Public Function for a public employment offer (OEP) in the General State Administration of 29,578 places. Of the total, 15,880 places will be newly admitted to the administration, according to what the unions have advanced. In addition, 9,591 internal promotion positions and 4,107 temporary staff stabilization positions are included after the new law to reduce temporary employment in public employment.

The agreement is going to be signed by CCOO, UGT, CSIF and CIG, as confirmed by union sources. During the meeting that was held this Monday after several weeks of negotiation, there have been announcements by the unions in support of this new public employment offer that comes at a critical moment for the administration after numerous complaints by these organizations of lack of reinforcements, aging civil servants and the need to stabilize interim workers. Although, the agreement has some "critical" support, such as the one announced by CCOO.

As announced by the UGT, the new places represent an increase of 5,549 compared to those announced in the previous OPE, that of 2021. In addition, as referenced in this year's General Budgets, the rate of replacement of troops has been increased 120% for priority sectors and 110% for the rest. "This offer seeks to guarantee the adequate coverage of troops in this Administration and provide public services in optimal conditions to guarantee the rights and benefits demanded by citizens, in these times of economic uncertainty", CSIF defended.

As reported by the unions, the agreement that is sealed now includes, in addition to the ordinary replacement in Social Security, 1,150 additional places to be able to cover the new services that this administration has assumed in recent years, fundamentally highlighting the management of the Minimum Vital Income .

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