The Government agrees to an agreement with the self-employed for only three years

The Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá. / ARCHIVE

Escrivá resumes the negotiation with the social agents after a month and a half of blockade but without a new proposal on the table

Lucia Palacios

After a month and a half of blockage in the negotiation, the Government has once again sat down at the table with the social partners to address the new contribution system for the self-employed based on their real income. The dialogue has been resumed after a few weeks in which the discomfort was more than evident, both on the part of the Ministry of Social Security towards the collective associations and vice versa, as well as between the associations themselves, which maintain very different positions and are unable due to the time to come to terms with each other. And this in itself is news: the fact that everyone has shown their willingness to negotiate.

The other novelty is that the department led by José Luis Escrivá has already officially confirmed to the unions and the main self-employed associations its willingness to agree on a listing proposal with a horizon of three years, and not nine as was the first intention of the Government, and after this period see how it has evolved and how progress can be made, as this newspaper had already advanced and as sources present at the meeting confirmed this Friday.

But no further progress has been made, despite the fact that the ministry has sent a statement saying that "in the meeting it has been verified that progress has been made since the negotiation began and meeting points have been evidenced." Because, in reality, everything has been reduced to good words and the intention of everyone to work for an agreement. But in the abstract. There has been no new proposal or a paper on the table.

“It is now necessary that we redouble our efforts to be able to reach an agreement, negotiate, negotiate and negotiate until we definitively close a global and joint agreement”, defended Eduardo Abad, president of UPTA, who described the meeting as “very positive”.

Celia Ferrero, the vice president of ATA, also showed some optimism, who valued the "will of all parties" to continue moving forward to reach an agreement. Ferrero indicated that they hope to receive "feedback" from the ministry in "the next few days." "We are going to keep moving forward and working," she said.

From UGT, however, they were "a little disappointed" by another meeting in which there was no proposal and only "philosophy" was discussed, as its confederal secretary, Fernando Luján, explained to this newspaper.

Now they have just a month and a half to agree on an agreement, although the Government already admits that it may only be a "minimum agreement" to fulfill the commitment given to Brussels and be able to receive another tranche of aid from the 'Next Generation' funds. .

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