The Government affirms that the trip of Pedro Sánchez in official airplane to Benicássim cost 283 euros

The Government affirms that the trip of Pedro Sánchez in official airplane to Benicássim cost 283 euros

The Government states that the cost of displacement of Pedro Sánchez in the Falcon to the Comunitat Valenciana it was 282.92 euros, as reported on Tuesday Servimedia. The figure comes from the response that the Executive has given to Luis Salom, Valencian PP adviser, after requesting information through the Transparency Law.

Salom asked to know the total cost of the trip, in which Pedro Sánchez had an informal meeting with the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, but also went with his wife to the concert of The Killers. The Government's response, signed by the Deputy Secretary of the Presidency, María Hilda Jiménez, is that "the total expense computed by the Protocol Department on the days before was 282.92 euros." It does not clarify whether the figure includes only the flights or is the expense of the entire trip.

As reported by Servimedia, the Transparency and Good Government Council had urged La Moncloa to report the "approximate cost and without breaking down the entire travel of the president and his companions, including the cost of special opening of the Castellón airport for that trip."

Sánchez he described as "false and artificial" the controversy about his trip to the Valencian Community and explained that since 2015 the Department of Security of Moncloa recommends aerial means for the trips of the president. It is not mandatory to make this expense public. In addition, official spokespersons have reiterated that traveling online commercial not only would have a higher cost to the public coffers for the cost of tickets for their security personnel, but would hinder the presidential agenda and could cause discomfort to other users of the regular flights.

Although the use of these resources often becomes a political battlefield, there is no specific regulation on what can be used for official aircraft that the State makes available to the Chief Executive and other senior officials. The only thing that exists is a Code of Good Government of the members of the Government and of the high positions of the General Administration of the State, which is very unspecific. That text, approved in 2005 by the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (PSOE), is limited to establishing that public officials "will refrain from making improper use of goods and services that the General State Administration makes available to them by reason for the charge. "


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