The Government affirms that the Communities will establish “the modality” of the infantile vaccination

That the vaccination of children from 5 years old begins on December 13, as the Health Commission has decided this Tuesday. And that is how the autonomous communities establish. These are the reflections that the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has transferred in the two questions that she has answered upon her arrival in Brussels to attend a meeting of the 27 Health Ministers.

The EU and the IMF warn of the omicron threat to the recovery and the increase in inequalities

The EU and the IMF warn of the omicron threat to the recovery and the increase in inequalities

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Darias has reported that Spain will reach 70% of people over 70 years old this Friday with the booster vaccine. “We are going to continue with those over 60, and also with health and social health personnel”, said Darias: “The message of having most of these groups vaccinated before arriving at the Christmas holidays is very important.”

The minister wanted to make a “call for all the countries of the Union to contribute efficiently, in an important way, to continue vaccinating not only nationals, but people in other parts of the world.”

Darias has affirmed that “the history of vaccination against COVID in Spain is a success story”, on the day that the Public Health Commission has approved child vaccination as of December 13, the date on which to be “in the best conditions all the autonomous communities and the Government of Spain to be able to begin to inoculate in the modality that each Autonomous Community establishes”.

In relation to the negative PCR tests to enter the territory, Darias has stated, without expressing the Government’s position, that “any action has to be coordinated in the European Union, and Spain will be within the Union if it is decided.”

Of course, Darias recalled the episode of the emergence of omicron: “We have acted diligently and quickly. When on November 24 the WHO considered omicron as a variant of research interest, on the 25th we established contacts with the entire network of laboratories in our country for sequencing and, from there, on the 26th, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, urged the member states to adopt measures. Spain did so imminently, demanding in addition to the vaccination, a diagnostic test for people who came from the Southern Cone, and also quarantine and the limitation of flights. Spain is for coordinated action within the European Union. ”


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