The Government admits that there is no progress in the renewal of the Crown and attributes it to the priority of recovery

The Government has once again given a new kick forward in the supposed plans of Felipe VI to modernize the Crown after the Juan Carlos I scandals. Pedro Sánchez assured a year ago that the “roadmap” would be known of the Head of State to deepen in the “transparency and the exemplarity”, the Executive recognizes that there have been no movements. “There has been no progress on the regulatory issue, because the Government’s roadmap today is economic recovery and meeting our commitments in the EU,” said the spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, at the press conference after the Council. of Ministers.

Pedro Sánchez, about the king emeritus: "I feel rejection of the uncivil attitudes published in the media"

Pedro Sánchez, on the emeritus king: “I feel rejection of the uncivil attitudes published in the media”

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In Moncloa they do not hide the discomfort generated by the information that is periodically published on Juan Carlos de Borbón’s plans or wishes to return to Spain more than a year after leaving Abu Dhabi. “I do not know the information”, Rodríguez has limited himself to saying about the news published in The confidential Regarding the intention of the emeritus to return, to recover the assignment that the current monarch, forced by the revelations about his opaque fortune, withdrew from him, and to live in the Palace.

Rodríguez has not even wanted to say what the Executive thinks about the hypothetical return of the emeritus beyond transferring the journalists who “know the opinion” of the Government. Sánchez has made clear the rejection of the “uncivil attitudes” of Juan Carlos I. From there, silence on the part of the Government, which leaves in the hands of the Royal House any movement that affects the former head of State.

The spokeswoman, who recalled that the Government’s “relationship” is with Felipe de Borbón to shake off the pressure on the emeritus, has not lost the opportunity, of course, to “assess the effort that the current Royal Household is making to provide to the parliamentary monarchy of greater transparency “. What Rodríguez has not answered is exactly what changes Felipe VI has implemented. “I am the spokesperson for the Government team, I am not the spokesperson for the Royal House,” she said.

Beyond slight modifications such as the publication of the gifts they receive, there have been no great news. Neither Zarzuela nor the Executive on duty give information, for example, on how much the monarchy means to the public coffers beyond the eight million euros of direct allocation through the General State Budgets. That figure does not include millionaire costs such as security, the royal guard, or the personnel that are in charge of the Ministry of the Presidency or National Heritage.

Rodríguez has assured that “there has been no progress” regarding the “normative issue” that affects the Royal Household, despite the words of Sánchez on December 29, under the premise that the Executive is focused on issues such as the exit from the pandemic and the economic crisis. “A year ago not only did we not have vaccines but, although it seems to us that they were there for a long time, we did not have authorization for the recovery plan that took place in July and that involves a series of legislative reforms that imply an intense agenda for the Government and Parliament. We consider that Spain’s priority today must be in economic recovery and that is where the Government has put all its priority in the regulatory sphere, “said the spokeswoman. However, Moncloa ruled out that it was a Crown law and left any change in the hands of Zarzuela for the sake of modernization. A year later, nothing has changed in the palace.


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