January 20, 2021

The Government accelerates the move of DTT to make way for 5G | Economy

The Government accelerates the move of DTT to make way for 5G | Economy

The Government wants the digital terrestrial television (DTT) channels to leave the 700 megahertz frequency band they are currently occupying as soon as possible to relocate the new generation of 5G mobile telephony. The Council of Ministers has declared Friday the urgent processing of the draft royal decree by which the National Technical Plan of DTT is approved, which regulates certain aspects for the release of these frequencies, known as the second digital dividend, scheduled for before 30 June 2020

The Government justifies the urgent processing of this royal decree project to comply with the schedule established by the European Union, which marks the deadline of June 30, 2020, since the provision of the 700 MHz band for communications services electronic systems requires a series of previous technical, economic, legal and administrative actions.

It also aims to generalize high definition. By virtue of this royal decree, each digital multiple will have the capacity to integrate four television channels in high definition, while it will be able to continue the current emissions in standard definition and will also promote the technological renovation of the park of DTT receivers in Spain.

After six months from the entry into force of this regulation, the recipients who become available in the Spanish market must include the ability to receive broadcasts in high definition.

The migration of channels to another band of frequencies will force again to the communities of neighbors and the proprietors of single-family houses to adapt the antennas of the buildings and to retune their televisions. The government that leaves the polls must approve the aid for these changes that will be around 200 million euros.


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