The Govern will reopen schools from June 1 in phase 2 territories

The Ministry of Education of the Generalitat will begin reopening schools and institutes from June 1 in health areas that are in phase 2 of the de-escalation due to the new coronavirus pandemic, for non-school activities and small groups in the Stage change courses - on a voluntary basis - and personalized tutoring for students who require it.

This was explained this Wednesday by the Minister of Education, Josep Bargalló, in a telematic press conference in which he presented the school deconfusion plan, which Procicat has validated.

Bargalló has ensured that this academic year will end on June 19 and that it will not be resumed in person and will end electronically, and has said that each educational center must present its plan, which will be validated by the educational inspection, which is why territories that next Monday they can enter phase 2 they do not reopen until June 1.

The counselor has detailed for the 0-3 years stage that nurseries will not be able to accommodate children up to 12 months due to their "immunological risk", and that for the rest they are authorized up to five students per space and without a canteen: in addition, It will prioritize those children whose families cannot telework.

In Infant and Primary, the stage between 3 and 6 years old, schools will be able to welcome students whose parents cannot telework, in groups of maximum 13 students and between 9 and 13 hours.

In the rest of Primary, students of sixth grade, who complete the stage, may be accompanied in groups of up to 13 students, to which can be added personalized attention from the tutor by appointment to any student of any stage, in an exceptional and non-continuous measure.

Regarding the institutes, it will be possible to give face-to-face educational accompaniment during June to students who change stage: fourth of ESO, second of Baccalaureate and second of FP training degrees who finish stage or prepare for Selectivity, in groups of up to 15 students, to which is added the possibility of individualized tutorials agreed for students and families of the rest of the courses.

The Minister of Education has explained that they have not yet "closed" the proposal for special education centers, but has pointed out that it is possible that it is center to center.


Bargalló has considered that this voluntary possibility for the students to go to the centers where they change the stage for non-teaching activities should not cause the teachers to have a "double burden" because the course will end telematically.

Regarding the start of the course in September, he has stated that you must be aware that you will be in an "educational emergency", with one student for every 4 square meters, and that the priority is that all students can go to the centers of face-to-face, so spaces will have to be redistributed and specific assignments beyond the schools must be found for those who need it, for which reason they have asked the centers to analyze their availability.

Asked about the use of the mask, he explained that teachers will not need to wear masks "if they do not interact with the student" and can maintain social distance, and said that the needs for hiring teaching staff will be seen in September when it is known the registrations and the available spaces of the centers.

The Minister also stressed that facing September, "real connectivity" must be ensured for all students, since they must be prepared in case an eventual new confinement is necessary, and has pointed out that specific work must be done with the centers of high complexity because they tend to be in areas that do not have many free community spaces.


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