Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

The Govern reactivates the meetings with the 'commons' to try to reach a budgetary agreement

El Govern reactiva las reuniones con los ‘comunes’ para intentar lograr un acuerdo presupuestario

The Catalan government will reactivate from this week the meetings with the 'commons' to try to gather their support for the budgets of the Generalitat, and sees "margin" in agreement with this parliamentary group regarding the reform of the Inheritance Tax.

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In statements to Efe, the vice president of the Government and Minister of Economy, Pere Aragonès, has assured that the Catalan government will approve the draft budget law of the Generalitat for 2019 "when it has secured the majority to do so in the parliamentary procedure".

"Our will is to be able to reach a good agreement with the 'commons', because they are the group that has shown the greatest willingness to speak and we are dedicating a lot of efforts, both from the general and fiscal framework as well as in the sectorial areas," he added. Aragonese.

"I trust that we will agree and that we can take it to the Parliament as soon as possible," the vice president assured.

As Efe has learned, the Secretary General of the Department of Economy, Albert Castellanos, as well as positions of the Department of the Presidency, will hold this week several meetings with the representatives of the commons to try approaches in sectoral aspects of budgets, a round of contacts which is expected to be repeated again next week.

Aragonès believes that "there is room" for understanding with the 'commons' in the reform of Successions, since you can reduce the current bonuses and make this tax "more efficient in terms of collection". "It is a space where we can understand each other with the commons," he said.

According to calculations of the Department of Economy, if the taxation of the Inheritance Tax were hardened, the collection could increase between 15 and 40 million per year.

Regarding the demand of the group of Catalonia in Comú Podem to increase the regional income tax section to the highest income, has assured: "We do not have a theoretical opposition to the increase of income tax to high incomes", but the resources derived of that decision they would arrive at the box of the Generalitat "two years later", has warned.

Aragonès reminded the commons that this increase in income tax would allow to collect "just over 30 million" within two years, when the budget of the Generalitat is about 25,000 million euros.

For this reason, he has asked to "continue betting" on the fiscal instruments that allow a collection of the Generalitat's own through the Tax Agency of Catalonia.

It has also ensured that it must continue fighting against tax fraud, which allows each year "between 180 and 190 million" in the taxes managed by the Generalitat.

The law accompanying the budgets includes "mainly administrative and technical measures", but Aragonès recalled that the tax measures are "awaiting an agreement with parliamentary groups," he said in reference to the Inheritance Tax.

Although the Catalan tax on carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles "will not be in the package of budgets for 2019", it could be operational "probably by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020," added Aragonès.

On the other hand, Aragonès recalled that the draft budget law involves an increase in expenditure available to departments of about 1,600 million euros, with substantial increases in social spending, and added: "I can not imagine a group of left as the 'commons' giving up these aspects, which can only be approved if there is a budget. "

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