Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

The Govern demands the removal of Borrell and raises an international complaint by letter

The Government of the Generalitat demands the resignation of the minister of Foreign and that he will probably be the new head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, for him supposed case of espionage against the delegations of the Government abroad "Instigated" by the ministerial leader and reported by several media this Wednesday, but will also make an international campaign to denounce the practices of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and show your concern about it with a letter of complaint addressed to the main Chancelleries
European and international.

After knowing that the central government controlled the communications of the Generalitat with its 'embassies', the president of the Govern met urgently with the vicepresident Pere Aragonés, the consellera mouthpiece Meritxell Budó, and the foreign minister, Alfred Bosch, for decide the actions to be carried out in a case that supposes "one more step in the repressive drift of the Spanish State and a new example of the authoritarian forms of a minister who now wants to be the head of European diplomacy and common security".

"The use of state resources, agencies and apparatuses of the state to prosecute 'crimes of opinion' should not be tolerated"

In a communiqué by Presidència after the meeting ended, the Government announced three concrete measures: on the one hand, the demand for the resignation of Minister Borrell or his immediate dismissal, on the grounds that "the use of public resources, agencies and state apparatus to pursuing 'opinion crimes' should not be tolerated. " But also the referral of a letter to all the MEPs, to the European and international chancelleries signed by the president and the Minister of Foreign Affairs exposing this same concern. Finally, the Catalan Executive will present allegations against the Government's decision to stop the activities of the Generalitat's delegations in Berlin, Geneva and London.

The Govern maintains that "political espionage, the persecution of opinions and ideologies should not take place in a European democracy", and expresses its "absolute support" to the delegates affected by the alleged espionage, which extends "to the rest of affected ", among those who place" deputies, governors, journalists and European citizens ".

"Political espionage, the persecution of opinions and ideologies should not take place in a European democracy"

The controversy broke out after learning that through the documentation provided by the State Bar to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), the Government demanded the closure of the Catalan delegations in London, Geneva and Berlin, and that the Ministry Foreign Affairs, with Josep Borrell at the head, was in charge of monitoring all these independence actions abroad. Although at first, from the ministry refused to assess the leaked documentation for being in a judicial process underway, later recognized this practice that is part of their work. It was "to monitor closely any activity that seeks to undermine the image of Spain abroad and, in particular, all those whose purpose is to complete the pro-independence project," they have ended up recognizing.

It is the task of this Ministry to detect the misuse of funds and public resources to undermine the image of Spain and to try to consummate the separatist project, "said Foreign Minister Amador Sánchez-Rico in a note.

As a result of this information, the Government has reacted harshly against Borrell and the central executive throughout the day. During the control session to the Govern, both Torra and Bosch have demanded the resignation of Borrell and have denounced the case saying that it is a "scandal" with which the Government "have passed braking," he warned. "It is not that the sewers go down full, it is that they are collapsed and the repression in this State is reaching an absolutely intolerable point," he said.

"It is not that the sewers go down full, it is that they are collapsed and the repression in this State is reaching an absolutely intolerable point"

Torra has warned that it is "extremely serious" that, in his opinion, "the sewers of the State" act with "impunity" and in a "runaway" way. "This time they have stopped braking, spies not only delegations but foreign deputies and journalists and have to take responsibility for this scandal," he has judged.

On the other hand, the conseller Bosch has assured that it treats "of a serious case of political espionage in which resources of the sewers of the State are used" against the institutions of the Generalitat. "The objective is to curtail the foreign action, for example, asking for the precautionary closure of three delegations that do a legal job and absolutely necessary so that Catalonia does not lose weight in the international arena."

Thus, "they try to prohibit us from talking about the political situation in Catalonia, which is a necessary and obligatory work" and, at the same time, "a false story is spread about the alleged misuse of our resources", he has recriminated.

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