November 30, 2020

The Govern asks for “self-responsibility” in the departures allowed from tomorrow

The Government has asked citizens to act with “self-responsibility” in the face of the difficulty of controlling outings for walks or sports, and has insisted on the need to wash their hands, wear masks and keep their distance so as not to create a new “space of propagation “of the coronavirus.

This was indicated in a telematic press conference by the Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch, who stressed that the Generalitat has “full confidence” in “civility” and the “self-responsibility” of citizens when making good use of it of the departures allowed from tomorrow, one hour, to walk or play sports within a radius of a kilometer from home.

Buch recalled that these types of exits, which it will be difficult for the police to control if they are repeated more times than allowed or become longer than authorized, are designed to take care of people’s psychological health, after seven weeks of confinement to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

However, he has warned that discipline on hand hygiene, the use of masks and social distance must be maintained to avoid contagion.

“We are talking about health, which is not a minor issue,” said the minister, who has warned that if these exits become a “propagation space” for the coronavirus, it would be a “negative effect” in the de-escalation process.


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