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The «Google of fashion» that suspended in the university

The «Google of fashion» that suspended in the university

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Rocío Lumbreras and Patricia de Juan met at the CEU San Pablo University. Together they presented an end-of-career project that gave them more than one headache. Suspended more than once, even by different courts, but time was going to agree with them. In 2016, they founded Drestip, what they call the «Google of fashion»: a search engine for clothing, footwear and accessories in which they are already present 260 Spanish «ecommerce». This is the result of the project rejected at the university.

"They did not believe in the project ... and now the university has called us to give a talk to encourage entrepreneurship," says Lumbreras, one of the founders. His best weapon against that rejection is the success, although modest still: more than 700 brands, 100,000 followers on Instagram and surpassing the 100,000 monthly visits to your web. All with a startup philosophy. "It's all or nothing," he says.

The dynamic is simple: the user searches on his website for what the associated stores offer, with the peculiarity that 90% of these are SMEs. Hardly stands Converse as a great company among its list of brands. "Social networks gave green light to many small and medium-sized 'ecommerce' 'fashion, but they had few resources. And the user was so saturated with information ... Then, with a survey we discovered that no one could tell us more than eight fashion stores on the Internet at the national level without a multinational label, "says the co-founder. They saw the niche and rushed to exploit it. TOAfter all, SMEs are exclusivity, they say.

Like Google, its technology is through "spiders"; The pattern is very similar. In fact, on their website they filter and relate products. For example, such footwear Converse with what dress of an SME. Everyone wins, although they must take great care of "brand cannibalism" so that some do not phagocyte others.

Drestip, little by little, gains followers. He was born with 25 "ecommerce" and social networks have given them fame. Specifically, Instagram, and, specifically, a trip to Morocco that they did with six influencer. The power of visibility and fame brought to the extreme. And it worked. However, they admit not being afraid to base their success on social networks, something as ethereal as Instagram. And they joke: «We want to not go out of style».

The co-founders of Drestip
The co-founders of Drestip - ABC

Expansion in Europe

The national market is small, but not by own will but by others. Brands from other Member States have contacted Drestip to enter the search engine. For this reason, they have requested - and already obtained - authorization to operate abroad. Your first step will be Portugal, after starting three weeks ago formal contacts with several SMEs in the country.

Lumbreras recognizes that his knowledge of foreign markets is still in its infancy but they aspire to "dress" all of Europe. Both through the brands of their search engine and themselves. "At some point we will launch a brand of our own," he says. For all your plans you will need investment; burn money that is said in slang. Therefore, right now they have opened a round of financing.

Startup or not, all or nothing, are clear that they do not want to suspend again.


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