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Claretian missionary friends Pedro Fuertes went yesterday to the parish of the Corazon de Mara to attend the presentation of his poetry book 'Almost singing'. The event, which coincided with the 53 years of the arrival of the priest on the Island, was attended by Fillogo Maximiano Trapero who highlighted "the conceptual sense of his style", or the director of the center, Juan Jos Garca, who spoke of "humanity and nobility" of the honoree.

Claretian missionary Pedro Fuertes yesterday received the affection of numerous grancanarians who gathered in the parish of the Heart of Mary just on the day he turned 53 years of his arrival on the Island. The reason for the call was the presentation of his book of poetry I almost sing that gathers the author's feelings, the commitment to his faith, and his roots with his surroundings and the people who welcomed him. The event was attended by numerous companions of the poet who wanted to thank him for a life of teachings and spiritual company.

It all started with the poem's recital Peter and man musicalized by Emilio Vicente Mateo and performed by the Parochial Community Choir. Then the philologist and author of the prologue of the book, Maximiano Trapero; the priest and director from the Claret de Las Palmas school, Juan José García, the representative of the thousands of former students of the Juan Torres Castellano center, and the superior of the Claretian Brothers' community, José María Bolívar. It all ended with the recital of another poem, Good Morning, recited by Luis Fajardo, and with which he welcomes his students.


Pedro Fuertes arrived in the 60s to Gran Canaria to exercise his two passions. On the one hand, spread the work of Father Claret. And, on the other, to devote himself to the teaching of Language and Literature in the school of the congregation. After the recital of poems, Pedro Fuentes said that, at his 87 years, humbly, "I still have a lot to learn" from the great authors such as his admired Antonio Machado or the members of the Generation of 27. However, the poetry of the Religious is governed by freedom in rhyme and verse that inevitably evoke the work of the Andalusian writer.

During his speech, Maximiano Trapero pointed out that I almost sing it is from a lifelong anthological book by Pedro Fuertes, where "there is a part dedicated to Christmas, another to religious poems, another to friendship, another commemorative of places where Fuertes has been and left its mark, and a last one of poems very brief. " For the philologist, the poetry of Fuertes has two very different metrics. "On the one hand, the sonnet. And, on the other hand," short poetry. "From the formal point of view, Trapero clarified that it is a" dense and conceptual ", and I would say" quevedesco ", full" of content and "very human".

Juan José García said, on the other hand, that "Fuertes is a Christian humanist" who "has friends in all ideological, political and social spectra." The reason he receives so much admiration is that the missionary "puts his heart ahead" and "there is hardly a barrier that separates him from someone," he said.


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