the good weather will be the dominant note on the peninsula next week

the good weather will be the dominant note on the peninsula next week

The good weather will be the dominant note in the peninsula next week except for some occasional rain very localized but around the party of Kings some scenarios reflect possible precipitation, generally weak, in the north and Mediterranean area, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Throughout tomorrow and the first day of the year the anticyclonic situation will continue, with generalized stability throughout the country, according to the last part of predictions about the Christmas holidays of the Aemet.

Predominate the skies little cloudy or clear, except for intervals of low clouds with probable mists and mists in points of the peninsular interior, locally persistent in the valleys of the northeast.

Blow wind north component tomorrow in the Ampurdán and the Balearic Islands and east, with strong intervals in Alboran and Estrecho, tending to decrease the next day.

Temperatures will remain mild for the season with frosts, generally weak, in mountain areas and both plateaus. In the Canaries the wind will turn to the south-east, favoring the arrival of hail to the islands and the rise in temperatures.

From Wednesday to Friday, the country will remain under the influence of high pressure, although small displacements of the anticyclone center could facilitate the arrival of cloudiness and some precipitation at certain moments in very localized areas.

Thus, on day 2 it is likely that the north wind will reach the eastern Cantabrian with increasing cloud cover and some weak rains, while the following day the east wind will possibly intensify in the area of ​​the Strait and southeast of the peninsula, without discarding any occasional rain in those areas; situation that could persist on day 4, with possible rains also in the east of the Balearic Islands.

The north wind will blow with strong intervals in the Ampurdán and the Balearic Islands from Wednesday to Friday as well as the rise in the Strait. The temperatures will tend to lower then placing themselves in values ​​more typical of the time and the frosts will be generalized to a large part of the interior of the peninsula. In the Canary Islands it is likely that the east or southeast wind persists with possible hot weather.

For the weekend of the Magi, few changes are expected for Saturday 5; the probability of precipitations is very scarce in the peninsula and the Balearics, although it does not discard some weak rain in the Eastern Cantabrian and points of the Mediterranean area.

Days 6 and 7 increase the uncertainty in the situation and some scenarios reflect the possibility of precipitation, generally weak, both in the north and northwest of the Peninsula and in the Mediterranean area. In the Canary Islands, the uncertainty is less and it is likely to rain in the western islands from day 6.


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