September 29, 2020

The “good reception” of the Igea amendment pays an alternative application

The critical sector that within the Citizens heads the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has considered that the “good reception” that has had its amendment to the statutes of the party pays the possibility that, or there are changes in the text, or submit an alternative application to that of Inés Arrimadas.

Sources from the support group for this sector, which calls for greater participation of affiliates in the election of leaders and a system of counterweights that limit the power of the national leadership, have explained to Efe that the amendment advocated by the sector “Citizens You Are You “have prospered in 72 of the 90 local groups in which it has been presented, waiting for the deadline for discussion to be closed this weekend.

The party estimates that there are currently more than 800 active local groups, so a good number of them have not even discussed this amendment, but the Igea group values ​​the “symbolism” of the result harvested in Catalonia, in the Community of Madrid, in capitals such as Zaragoza, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, Valladolid and Murcia, among others.

They see these results as evidence that there is “a significant percentage of affiliates” who ask “to be heard” consider that it is necessary to “rethink the party model” that draws the Statutes document that was approved by a large majority in the last General Council and that will mark the functioning of the party after the General Assembly on March 14 and 15, according to the same sources.

Regarding the possibility of presenting the alternative candidacy, Igea maintains its decision to “respect the times” established for the debate of the amendments and the rest of the procedures prior to the Assembly, such as the election of compromise holders, so it will not be until a date close to February 26 when he reveals whether or not he takes the step.

This group insists that they are still confident that the capacity for dialogue and understanding will thrive to consider their demands in terms of participation, although the same sources have assumed that the models maintain strong differences to be filed.


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