'The Good Fight' survives the covid ... and Trump

Christine Baranski plays Diane Lockhart in & # 039; The Good Fight & # 039 ;.

Christine Baranski plays Diane Lockhart in 'The Good Fight'.

The arrival of the pandemic last year nipped the filming of 'The Good Fight' leaving all its plots open and with an insurmountable obstacle. Two of its leading actors were going to leave the series and were not going to return the following year. At the end of 2020, the political situation in the United States took a turn with the defeat of Donald Trump in the elections. The anti-Trump series was without its villain. The marriage formed by Robert and Michelle King has managed to adapt perfectly to the circumstances, overcoming all those obstacles in a single episode. The spectacular start of the fifth season of the lawyers series starring Christine Baransky condenses in just 45 minutes how its protagonists lived the dizzying year 2020, leaving the panorama ready for turn the page and enter the new normal of 2021. Those responsible for the CBS have announced this week the renewal of the series for a sixth season, when the current installment has not even reached its equator and its plots begin to start. The Kings are at the moment the creative star of the chain, where another of their series, Evil, has been renewed for a third installment. In Spain the premiere of the second is still awaited.

Previously on ... (Previously in...). With this tagline the episodes of numerous series start with a review of the most important plots so that the viewer does not get lost. Also in the fifth season of 'The Good Fight'. A summary that brings us up to date with what we were being told in the fourth installment, before the happy virus entered our lives. We soon see that not only does it take longer than usual, but there are scenes of things we never saw. Have you recycled the incomplete scenes you were working on when the pandemic hit? Have you managed to get outgoing performers to agree to shoot additional scenes to close the plots?

The rhythm is frenetic, there are hardly any downtimes and we relive through the eyes of the protagonists moments that will be familiar to us. What in other series would be a plot to be stretched like gum for a whole year or two, here they have been dispatched in a single chapter. Confinement, telecommuting and videoconferencing meetings, the unexpected contagion from an acquaintance ... We soon jumped into racial riots over the death of George floyd, the presidential elections that faced at the polls Joe biden and Donald Trump. the frantic counting of votes and the assault on the Capitol. Almost nothing. All of them seasoned with the closure of the loose ends, especially that of the report 618, a kind of secret code whose mere invocation allows the powerful to continue enjoying immunity from justice. Almost nothing. And so we discover that the summary is the entire episode.

At least they have not done as in other series in which a character stopped appearing. Sometimes without explanation, other times he was involved in some mysterious accident in which he was presumed dead. It is not going to be that in a few years the actor decided to return (hello Bobby Ewing in the shower in Dallas). Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) and Luca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) have the opportunity to leave with dignity, without botch or improvisation due to unforeseen circumstances. Few are the actors that remain from the beginning of the series, but if something has been made clear by the Kings since that death in 'The Good Wife' is that nobody is essential. We must not forget that of the original trio of leading actresses, after the departure of Luca's character, we only have Diane Lockhart. To Maya (Rose leslie), who looked like she was going to be a new Alicia Florrick, we already fired her last year.

The screenwriters do not want to live on income, or gloat in the past. Through their plots they show us an X-ray of North American society, focusing on the political turmoil that the country is going through. Trump's electoral victory four ago came when the first season was still in full production and its creators knew how to adapt on the fly. And it became one of the central plots of the series, which was able to make a flag of anti-Trumpism. Can't say that Trump's defeat It caught the Kings by surprise and it was something that was on the agenda. These first episodes are offering us an X-ray of regime change. How some officials of the previous administration continue to put pebbles in the path of the new rulers, or those unprecedented alliances of Democrats with Republicans critical of what the man with the yellow toupee did. Meanwhile, Diane questions her position at the Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart law firm, following the departure of Adrian and Luca.

Among the additions to the cast in this new installment, the one of Mandy patinkin, the Saul Berenson of Homeland, in the role of one of those eccentric characters that lately seem to land in the series for a story arc of one season, as it was Michael Sheen in the role of the histrionic Roland Bloom in the third installment of the series. Patinkin plays here a man of law with no legal experience who sets up his own court of law. Alternative justice in a copy shop. A clandestine court to which many citizens go to solve their small conflicts to which a saturated courts are unable to respond. A situation derived from the pandemic? Also the young actress Charmaine bingwa plays Carmen Moyo, a first-year attorney who seems to have her own roadmap to quickly rise through the firm by taking on the defense of defendants in the most reprehensible crimes. New plots and characters for a series that seems to resist stagnation. Although the question that we have all kept asking ourselves for five years is, will we see Alicia again after the slap scene? The new episodes can be seen every week on Movistar.


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