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In an especially difficult year for the predictions at the Hollywood awards, the Golden Globes decided to ignore the favorites and rewarded Bohemian Rhapsody as best drama and Green Book as best comedy. The disappointment was capitalized for the film with the most nominations, The vice of power, and for one of the critical and public phenomena of the year, A star has been born, that only won the best song. In the midst of surprises, the 76th edition of the Golden Globes did as expected Rome, the drama of Alfonso Cuarón, who won two prizes.

Rome he triumphed within the possibilities that the rules of the Golden Globes gave him. Relegated to the category of best foreign film, he won that prize. But Alfonso Cuarón also won for the best direction against Bradley Cooper, Adam McKay, Spike Lee and Peter Farrelly. The smile of Ted Sarandos, Netflix's content manager, said it all. The platform on-line He has made all of Hollywood see this movie and Cuarón's achievement has the industry at his feet. This is the bet of Netflix to get his first Oscar for the best movie. The Golden Globes have nothing to do with the Academy Awards, but the triumph of Cuarón indicates that it has achieved the necessary impact.

The two times he took the stage, Cuarón thanked the women who hold the film and interpret the lullaby of his childhood and his mother. "I feel like I'm cheating a bit when I accept this award because a lot of what I did was to witness Marina de Tavira and Yalitza Aparicio. This film was directed by Libo [la asistenta de su infancia en la que se inspira la protagonista], my mother and my family, and especially this place that created me. Thank you very much, Mexico. "

That's the second Golden Globe for the best direction for Cuarón, which won in 2013 for Gravity. Since then, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Guillermo del Toro have also obtained it. Cuarón continues the amazing saga of Mexican directors in Hollywood in the last decade. All the previous prizes are for feature films of the majors directed by Mexicans. This is not "This award is more meaningful because it is a Mexican film, in Spanish and Mixtec, black and white and about an invisible character in the cinema and in society," Cuarón later said in the press room.

From left to right, Brian May, Rami Malek and Roger Taylor.
From left to right, Brian May, Rami Malek and Roger Taylor. REUTERS

The vice of power, the film with more nominations of the night, was ousted in better comedy by Green Book. Peter Farrelly directs one of the couples of the year on the screen, Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, on a trip through the deep south of a United States segregated in the early sixties. The film, inspired by a true story, sends an optimistic message of concord that Farrelly wanted to bring to the current times when he accepted the award. The film also received the best screenplay and supporting actor award for Ali.

In the case of Bohemian Rhapsody, the surprise was absolute at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The prize to Rami Malek went into the pools. But the prize for the film above A star is born, Black Panther or Infiltrated in the KKKlan, do not. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association decided to take on the role of outsider in this season. If there are some prizes where the conventionalisms and the pools are the same, these are (they are voted by 88 people). But the bet is very risky, and not only from the point of view of quality. In a few minutes, social networks were remembering that the director of the film, Bryan Singer, has been denounced for raping a minor. He denies the facts.

Christian Bale won the award for best comedy actor for the incredible presence he achieves in The vice of power playing former Vice President Dick Cheney. It is the most acclaimed performance of the year along with those of Bradley Cooper (with whom he did not compete) and Viggo Mortensen. The physical transformations usually seduce the juries of the prizes and the one of Bale is of the best that are remembered. "I'm going to get the asshole market without charisma," Bale said on stage. "What about Mitch McConnell?" He said, referring to the Republican factotum in the United States Senate. In passing, he thanked "Satan" for the inspiration for the character.

Alfonso Cuarón with the Golden Globe for the best director.
Alfonso Cuarón with the Golden Globe for the best director. REUTERS

The award for best actress in a drama went to Glenn Close in The good wife. Close, 71, picked up the prize in tears. "I think of my mother, who spent her life taking care of my father. In his 80s he told me I think I have not achieved anything. We are expected of us to be carers, but we have to find the time to say, I can do that and I am going to do it. " It was the most exciting moment of the party.

The most sought-after couple this season of awards, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, ran out of prizes for performances. The Golden Globe for best drama actor went to Rami Malek for becoming Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. Brian May and Roger Taylor were sitting in the stalls.

Glenn Close during his speech.
Glenn Close during his speech. REUTERS

Lady Gaga was left without an award as an actress, but took the stage to collect the award for the best song by Shallow. The song, which he signs with Mark Ronson, is more than just an accompaniment to A star has been born; is by itself one of the most emotional moments of the film and one of the legs of history. The best soundtrack was for Justin Hurwitz, the brain behind The Land, for the music of First Man (The first man). It imposed on the enormous challenge of The return of Mary Poppins, for which Marc Shaiman has created a completely new soundtrack.

The rumor in Hollywood is that the Film Academy, after the fiasco of Kevin Hart, is considering making an Oscar without a presenter. Every week, it is harder for someone to accept work with so little time to prepare it. The comedians Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, with their forgettable work as presenters in these Balloons, demonstrated this Sunday that is perfectly possible.

Sandra Oh, however, shone in her own right at the gala by receiving the award for best actress in a television drama by Killing Eve. The prize came after giving a meaningful speech about the importance of a movie that has blown the United States box office as Crazy Rich Asians has had for the representation of Asian Americans in Hollywood.

In 1952, the Association of the Foreign Press of Hollywood established an honorary prize that would take the name of Cecil B. De Mille, one of the Titans who invented Hollywood. The first one to receive the award was De Mille himself. This year, the group opened an award for an entire career in television with the name of Carol Burnett. He received it - it could not be less - Carol Burnett, at 85 years old. To qualify her as a legend of American television is little. The first woman to have a program of her own, winner of a dozen awards between Golden Globes and Emmys. "Sometimes I dream of being young again and doing everything again," Burnett said from the stage. "And then I realize how lucky I was to be there when everything started."

The honorary award in cinema was received by Jeff Bridges. Chris Pine called it "your dudeness ", untranslatable joke with the character of The Dude (The note) of The great Lebowski, a cult film that made an actor who already had a first-class career become a legend 20 years ago (The last film, Tron, Starman, The fabulous Baker Boys, The king fisherman, Tucker: the man and his dream ...). He thanked Peter Bogdanovich, the director who launched his career, and the Coen brothers, who gave him the role of his life. Honorary awards have to be indisputable to work. The two of this Sunday were.

On television, the reign of The marvelous Ms. Maisel gave way to The Kominsky method, a great half-hour Netflix episode comedy about the friendship of two old Hollywood friends. Rachel Brosnahan won the Golden Globe for her role as Ms. Maisel, but Michael Douglas received the award for her Sandy Kominsky. The series is the best comedy of the year for the Foreign Press Association, which prides itself on discovering new things to the public in television awards. He could not do it in the other two categories. The best drama was for The Americans, in his farewell, and the best miniseries, The murder of Gianni Versace, two works already awarded in the Emmys.


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