August 5, 2021

"The Golden Ball must be won by a French player!" | sports

"The Golden Ball must be won by a French player!" | sports

Atlético de Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann has received a good boost in the absence of less than two months for the Golden Ball. France Football, specialized magazine that awards this award, dedicated yesterday its cover to the French player to remember the excellent performance of French players during the last World Cup, where they were champions. "The Golden Ball must be won by a French player!" Griezmann said.

"The Golden Ball must be won by a French player!"

Given the speaker that is the cover of one of the most prestigious sports magazines in the world, the gesture has been interpreted as a way to promote the candidacy of French players (including Griezmann himself) in the eyes of the group of specialized journalists must vote the winner of the Golden Ball, which will be delivered on December 3.

Griezmann, who almost a month ago declared "eating at the same table as Messi and Cristiano", wants individual recognition, although he has taken advantage of the interview in the French magazine to clarify those controversial words and clarify that he only referred to this season: "This year I won the European Super Cup, the Europa League and the World Cup, so I used the image of Messi and Ronaldo's table, I do not compare myself in a race, these guys are real legends. they never tire, they score 50 goals, they win trophies, they go gold balls and they are back ".

On September 5, in an interview with the newspaper L'Équipe, He acknowledged that he was disappointed that he was not among the three finalists for the award The BestFIFA: "It's weird and it's a shame, this trophy is given by FIFA, is not it? And the World Cup is organized by FIFA, we won the World Cup and there is no French among the finalists." At the same time, the Frenchman was looking forward to the Golden Ball: "Yes, I think I'm getting closer, the Golden Ball is a prestigious prize and for a footballer it's the top. There are trophies, but it's not the same. "

To do this, it serves the background of Zinedine Zidane, who won the award in 1998 after guiding the gala in a World Cup whose final was also played in Paris. The two goals of former Real Madrid player served to knock out in the decisive match a Brazilian team led by a Ronaldo at his best. Two decades later, a penalty goal by Griezmann served to put the final face after the equalizer by Perisic. Although the French victory ended up being comfortable before the exhausted Croats (4-2), the striker has been hailed as one of France's leaders in the final.

But not all the antecedents are in favor of Griezmann. In 2010, the year of the World Cup's achievement by Spain, Messi won more than 22% of the votes to Iniesta and Xavi, center-field leaders of a team that marked an era with a style of play based on the possession. "I did not expect to win it today," commented a surprised Messi. Yes, it was won by Ronaldo in 2002 after winning the World Cup with Brazil and Cannavaro in 2006 after doing the same with Italy, which also made him the third central to win after Beckenbauer and Sammer. The history of the trophy offers disparate examples.

What is clear is that, should he win it, Griezmann would be the first Atlético de Madrid player to win the trophy after receiving the Paulo Futre Silver Ball in 1987 (for winning the European Cup with Porto). and that in 2016 Bronze won Griezmann himself after guiding Atlético to the final of the Champions League and France to the final of the European Championship. This year the striker will compete, first, against his teammates such as Varane, Umtiti, Kanté or Mbappé, whom he has considered good candidates in France Football. On the part of Atlético de Madrid, whose game has been praised, they accompany him on the Godín and Oblak list, which added to the eight finalists of Real Madrid and the three of Barcelona give the 14 finalists that LaLiga brings to a list of 30: almost half.

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