October 22, 2020

The Gofiones will offer in the Cuys a third function of their show 'Lino' – The Province

The Gofiones will offer in the Cuys a third function of their show 'Lino' - The Province

The Gofiones will offer in the Cuyás Theater an additional function of your show Linen, with which the Gran Canarian formation celebrates its 50th anniversary, while paying homage to one of its founding members: the now disappeared Pedro Lino. Thus, the passes initially scheduled for next November 16 and 17 at 20.30, a third, also on 17, at 18.00, whose tickets go on sale Monday.

As is the case with flax, that element so common in traditional Canarian dress and that is once again a trend in the world of fashion or food, this new show by Los Gofiones is based on traditional music, but also on the last streams, in this case scenic.

In this way, and with the help of new technologies, the assembly will surprise the public with a tour of the most representative and curious styles of Canarian folklore, but in which, through holograms, videos and projections, the image will have a very prominent weight.

Linen premieres at the Cuyás Theater in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as part of the group's fiftieth anniversary, but represents a new milestone in the most daring and innovative line of Los Gofiones, Zafra, that in recent years has allowed them to investigate new scenographic forms and deepen the technology applied to them.

Not in vain, Linen will be the fourth installment of that successful series, which have been part of the shows Zafra (2012), The crime of the bitch Chona (2014) and Castles in the air (2016).

Produced by Unahoramenos, Linen is directed by Víctor Batista (music), Víctor Brito (choreography) and Mario Vega (scenography), and has the sponsorship of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Government of the Canary Islands, Spar Gran Canaria and Binter, as well as Obra Social The Caixa, Cajasiete, Eidetesa and Aguas de Teror.

From only 12 euros (more discounts), the tickets for this show, including those of the new show, are on sale at the box office and Cuyás Theater website (www.teatrocuyas.com).


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