The Gofiones and the Cabildo make the digital leap to spread popular culture

Presentation of the portal of the Canarian Institute of Traditions

Presentation of the portal of the Canarian Institute of Traditions

The dissemination of the musical and ethnographic legacy of Gran Canaria gives a great digital jump from the hand of the Cabildo and Los Gofiones, which today presented the networks and the ambitious portal of the Canarian Institute of Traditions given the documentary and resource fund that it will provide for young people, scholars and followers of the island's cultural wealth, and which will be the prelude to the future physical headquarters of this cultural project, which will occupy part of the building ceded by the Insular Institution to the folk group in Vegueta.

The portal will make available to the population and researchers valuable documentary collections, in addition to photographic, sound and audiovisual resources that will shed light on popular music, crafts, ethnography and the rest of the elements that make up the intangible heritage, which may not be seen but constitutes the basis of the culture of the peoples, which “advance more when they unite feeling and knowledge and they are rooted ”, said the president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales, who guaranteed the continuity of the commitment of the insular Institution with the ICT and the work of Los Gofiones.

The digitization of the works of the Aruquense philologist Francisco Navarro Artiles, who devoted his life to the study of Spanish in the Canary Islands and the aboriginal language, will be one of the treasures of this deep ocean of popular knowledge that will also resonate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and that it was born "to provide more knowledge, because a more cultured society is also a society with values", stressed the president of Los Gofiones, Oswaldo Moreno.

This digital bet aims to universalize the knowledge of all aspects of Canarian popular culture, although it directs a focus directly to the younger audience, adapting the dissemination of content with short and agile didactic texts and also with videos and audiovisual resources designed for dissemination in social networks, specified the head of the ICT, David Naranjo.

The structure of this new home of island traditions on the Internet can be consulted at the address and it is built on the same pillars that gave birth to the constitution of the Institute, a triad made up of the research, development and innovation department, the training area and, thirdly, the dissemination department.

More culture and more tradition in the heart of Vegueta

The Canarian Institute of Traditions was created in the heat of the close collaboration and support provided by the Cabildo to Los Gofiones on the occasion of the celebration in 2018 of its 50th anniversary and was officially established last year.

The support of the Insular Institution also crystallized in the transfer to the emblematic group, watchword of popular music, of the building in Plaza del Pilar Nuevo, its current headquarters, neighboring the Casa de Colón, with windows that look out onto the back of the Cathedral of Santa Ana and from where they blow up sounds that also dazzle the night walkers on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when they usually rehearse their components.

The Cabildo has also designed a project to remodel the building within its budget, an intervention that will make it possible to open the physical headquarters of the Canarian Institute of Traditions with a permanent exhibition area, space for temporary exhibitions and the Navarro Artiles room. as well as a place for holding conferences, colloquia, workshops or seminars that, for the moment, will take place in the digital field provided by the web.

Almost by inertia, this property inhabited by the muses of music and creation in general will be transformed into a new cultural heart that will beat strongly in the heart of the founding neighborhood of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


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