Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The Godó and Idealista Group reach an agreement on the YaEncontré portal

The Godó and Idealista Group, the marketplace leading real estate in Spain and publishing company of Idealist News , have reached an agreement on the real estate classifieds portal I found it. Thus, Idealista will acquire I found it, belonging to Godó Group. The portal is among the first three websites of real estate classifieds.

The Godó Group entered the capital of YaEntrétré in 2008 and since then it has been strengthening its participation, exceeding 70%. Idealista now invests in the portal, consolidating its presence as a reference in the Catalan market. The YaEncontré management team will continue to exercise the direction of the Catalan portal.

Idealista offers real estate services online in Spain, Italy and Portugal

Both Idealista and YaEncontré will continue to work autonomously, there will be no team integration but each company will continue its commercial strategy independently. Yes, there will be an exchange of best practices and both companies will share the values ​​of excellence, ethics and diversity that have made them leaders.

Idealista, founded in 2000, offers online real estate services in Spain, Italy and Portugal and has been consolidating its implementation until it becomes the industry leader.

The company also provides current information on the world of home buying and selling.

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