March 8, 2021

The glow of living matter | Science

The history that concerns us here has the necessary ingredients to seem more typical of fiction than of scientific reality. But it is not convenient to rely on appearances; They can lead to cheating. Something like this showed the Kirlian marriage when, before two leaves of the same plant, similar at first sight, they established the differences between them thanks to an invention that revealed their different energy fields.

It all started in a small laboratory at the Alma-Ata Hospital in the Soviet Union, where the Kirlian couple experimented with high-voltage physical fields. In one of those experiments, the husband suffered a revealing electric shock that was accompanied by a kind of halo around his hand. After the accident, they started to investigate the subject of luminescences that radiate animated bodies. To do this, they invented a camera capable of reproducing the printing of said luminescence on a film.

It happened after the Second World War and at the end of the seventies the matter became so distorted that, taking pictures with the Kirlian camera would become a manifestation of pseudoscience. With such an invention, the geeks argued that the aura could be photographed. Without going any further, the beatle George Harrison took a picture of his hand with the Kirlian camera and used it to design the cover of his album Living in the Material World.

Already on, let's continue with records, well, there is another that although its cover little or nothing has to do with the Kirlian camera, comes to the finger. This is the Stevie Wonder album titled The secret life of plants and it is the soundtrack of the documentary that bears his name, based on the book signed by Peter Tompkins and Chistopher Bird and published in Spanish by Captain Swing.

Aura of an index finger.

Aura of an index finger.

The aforementioned book tells about the emotional and physical relationship that the human being has with plants. There is a disturbing chapter that deals with the mystery of the aura and that starts just as if it were a spy novel. “The long train was in the last stage of its trip from Moscow to Krasnodar (… ..) In one of its upholstered wagons, reserved for Soviet officers, a plant specialist, bored of contemplating the landscape (…), He opened his case again. ”

The chapter continues and takes us to the small laboratory where Kirlian marriage makes some adjustments to the equipment at hand. They were busy in this, when they knock on the door and the man who was traveling on the train appears. He presents and takes out of his case two leaves of plants, apparently the same. The marriage is happy to visit, because in this way your camera will undergo a test that could be considered official. They spend the night photographing the leaves and, the next morning, when checking the result of the film, they will realize the true difference between both sheets of the same plant. One was sick and the disease was seen in her energy field "without any symptoms of ailment in her physical body still being noticed."

All this made no sense if it were not because recently, science came to clear unknowns with the discovery of the existence of auras in every organic body, so there are no two living auras alike. The American genomologist Michael P. Snyder experimented with the arms of more than a dozen volunteers to monitor the air around his arms, discovering that not only the human body absorbs the particles present in the environment, but that we also carry our microbiome cloud and that is the closest thing to the aura, that is, a rare glow of inert matter.

The stone ax it's a section where Montero Glez, with a will to prose, it exercises its particular siege to scientific reality to manifest that science and art are complementary forms of knowledge.

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