Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

The global protest against climate change takes hold in Spain | Society

The global protest against climate change takes hold in Spain | Society

From Sydney to Copenhagen. From London to Berlin. From Rome to Hong Kong. And, also, from Madrid to Barcelona passing through Valencia or Vigo. The global protest against climate change, of which Spain had been practically absent until now, has ended up lighting up. Hundreds of thousands of young people are demonstrating throughout the world this Friday under the appeal Friday for Future; and Spain contributes to fatten that figure with thousands of boys from institutes and universities who have joined this generational revolt in several demonstrations.

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Protest, like climate changeIt is global. And the claims: they ask the governments to comply with what they have committed and fight climate change with force. "The networks allow us to see what is happening, we have access to information, we see that our future is very complicated", explained from the manifestation of Madrid Sasha Martín, 18 years old and student of the Higher Degree of Laboratory.

In the Madrid demonstration, which has gathered 4,500 people according to the police - and 50,000 according to the Student Union -, the assistants were mainly high school and university students. Boys and girls who have been born on a planet where the evidences of climate change are widely known. And that they have taken to the streets following the example of Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish woman who in August decided to stop every Friday as a protest for her country's lack of ambition in the face of global warming.

"Not one more grade, not one less," they have shouted since the protest in Barcelona, ​​which, like that of Madrid, has started at 12.00. In almost 60 cities in Spain, protests have been scheduled this Friday, which also included a strike call.

"Equally important is fighting climate change as well as equality", summarizes from the Madrid demonstration Teresa Hernández, Biomedical Engineering student. It is not necessary to ask the attendees of the protest to link both movements. As Belén Barreiro, a sociologist and director of 40dB, has explained for almost a year, in opinion studies, young people figure among the main concerns, equality and climate change.

"Yes, of course," replies Manuel Cortés, 21, a biology student at King Juan Carlos, when asked if he participated in the massive feminist protest a week ago. He, like the two compañeras of the race with which he has gone this Friday to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, is considered very aware of the problem of climate change thanks to what he studies. The governments are asking for something very specific: "greater environmental legislation". "And more transparency to know what is being done, because politicians often promise that they will do things and we do not know if they comply," adds his colleague Patricia Ramírez, 21.


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