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The founders of
, the Burgos Samuel Ruiz and the Guipuzcoan Sandra Montes, identified one of the great weaknesses of this market, the difficulty in finding a suitable counterpart in the process of buying and selling waste and waste materials. For this reason, ScrapAd's mission is to connect verified professionals in the sector without the need for long trips and endless processes of searching for commercial alliances.

This marriage of entrepreneurs, with a long history in the recycling industry, recognizes that this "has been until recently a traditional sector, local and not very technological", and that with ScrapAd they have proposed to open "a window to the world achieving the best destination for each waste ».

Making it easy to post online waste purchase ads and simplify the way recycling companies communicate and reach agreements is the ambitious premise of ScrapAd. The germ of this platform was born during the visit to a recycling machinery fair held in Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)But contrary to what often happens in Sin City, Samuel and Sandra's idea did leave the land of casinos to become a revolutionary business.

Unlike the rest of second-hand portals, ScrapAd has a very specific clientele. "The companies that trust ScrapAd are recyclers and foundries, paper mills or cardboard, which transform the waste back into raw material", they assured in an interview with the SPRI Group.

From traditional business to online revolution

According to a report from the Spanish Recycling Federation (FER), the turnover of this sector today exceeds 10,000 million euros and provides work to 33,000 people distributed in 5,000 companies in Spain.

Aware of the potential of this industry, Samuel Ruiz and Sandra Montes launched ScrapAd in 2020 as a recycling project “full of illusion”, which is currently present in more than 40 countries as diverse as Mexico, United States, Israel or India, and of which ten people are part who operate from the BIC Gipuzkoa center, in the Basque municipality of Éibar.

ScrapAd is defined as a platform to buy and sell scrap metal and includes a wide range of materials: metals such as toaluminum, copper, steel, iron or electronic scrap, among other waste.

Its purpose is to solve two basic problems. «The first, that what for one recycler is a waste without further recycling cycles, for another it can be a very valuable material to process and recycle. Thus, the amount of waste deposited in the landfill is reduced to a minimum. The second, that recyclers can contact any recycler at a global level, transacting directly, without intermediaries or commissions ”, point out its creators.

Directories and search engines Internet make it possible to search for recycling companies. However, despite the solutions on the market "at no time do they achieve the concept of immediate information: who has a certain material, where in the world, with what volume and at what price", in addition to the right time for purchase or sale.

On the contrary, ScrapAd has a powerful internal search engine and an advanced filter system, which allow screening the search for materials based on the type of advertisement (purchase or sale), the desired waste (cardboard, tires, aluminum, brass, bronze , RAEEs, etc.), its location or its weight in tons. Each ad displays an overview, the profile of the company responsible for the product, and a contact form.

In addition, ScrapAd is synonymous with guarantees and security. «The verification and certification of the materials is done by traditional means. That is, once the recyclers are in contact and consider that they can reach a good agreement, they look for references or evaluations about the party that is going to sell them the material, samples of the material are exchanged or travel to destination to meet the company or verify the loading of the material, when the transaction is of great value ", they clarify from the Gipuzkoan platform.

ScrapAd's competitiveness also lies in its business model, with the ability to publish unlimited ads, a private messaging free of intermediaries, as well as the ability to subscribe and get personalized assistance from a professional team to put customers in touch. suitable business partners.

«Soon, we will add new services that will provide a greater added value to all users of the recycling industry ”, conclude its founders.

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