June 21, 2021

the glamor festival that seduces Valencia

Innovation and risk Two days of intense fashion mixed with music, art and gastronomy. The first edition of Clec Fashion Festival Hemisfèric has become a catwalk where they have paraded the costumes of great designers, more novel talents such as Alvaro Mars, Siamo Studio and 404 Studio, and prestigious firms such as Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Francis Montesinos, Isabel Sanchís, Dolores Cortés and Dominnico.

“Clec” has been developed throughout the weekend and has closed with beauty shows, fashion talks and events of photographers and directors internationally recognized as Victor Claramunt Y Gerardo Ortiz.

The last ones to get on the catwalk have been Dominnico, Francis Montesinos, Miquel Suay, Visori and Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada.

The parades of the day began with exclusive designs by the group of emerging designers, students of the School of Higher Design Arts of Valencia and the Official Center for Higher Studies Barreira Arte y Diseño. Very colorful suits with large structures. Each student could show two pieces of their own and accompanied the models on their catwalk.

Anel Yaos

The Andalusian designer presented his collection “monsters”: A world of fears and insecurities seen from a positive point, from the health of overcoming. In the designs you can see that their inspiration is the seventies and eighties, their garments have an oversize trend that is supported by the gypsy shine.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

The renowned designer has stepped on the Hemisfèric With all his energy. First participated with his daughter, Cósima Ramírez, at the cooking show, where the renowned German chef Bernd Knöller, holder of a Michelin star in his Riff restaurant in Valencia. Knöller recreated the designs of Aghaha In a colorful dish.


He presented a series of striking, very bleak designs, recreating the darkness of the human being, to some extent. The infinite curse with which we are born and are destined to suffer, has expressed it as such Visori. It was a thoughtful and memorable moment, many of the designer’s costumes were so surprised that when they left they were already received with a shower of applause from the spectators.


The audience went wild when Dominnico’s designs began to cross the Hemisfèric. The renowned designer made very clear the reason that La Rosalía and Lady Gaga – among other international projection artists – they choose their opa line to impact the media. The proposal “Harajuku Kids” from Dominican It is transgressive and striking, it does not fail, as evidenced by its great presence in the global environment of the industry and the number of crazy fans who approached him when he finished his parade.

Miquel Suay

The Director of the Association of Valencian Fashion Designers (DIMOVA), main organizer of Clec Fashion Festival, the runway filled with elegance its sophisticated proposals for men and women. Vibrant tones and abstract prints, are its unmistakable brand, which also presented a more urban style of clothing.

Francis Montesinos

The end of the activities of the first edition of the Clec He was in charge of the iconic Valencian designer Fran Montesinos. His great career is a guarantee of a unique show, but it exceeded expectations with a great audiovisual presentation that was followed by the parade enlivened with sounds very consistent with the story told by his clothes. The final surprise was the dance of the choreographer and ballet dancer Nacho Duato. A contemporary dance that exhibited much of the former director of the National Dance Company. Ending the first edition of Clec Fashion Festival.


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