The ghost of the sports corporation, a real danger for Barça?

Then, with the lengthy audit uncovered, a Assembly of Compromisarios (October 17) where the numbers will be painted the red color of the acute crisis. In short, in a few days Barcelona fans will be able to contemplate the complete map of their own devastation.

The club has been talking about “criminal management” and illicit management of the members’ money. From Reverter’s mouth will come the audit data that will inevitably lead to legal action. The way will be seen. Maybe a lawsuit, maybe a liability action. The firm will of Joan Laporta is asking for accounts. And more since that letter from Bartomeu in which he accused him of “inaction” in the face of adversity.

Partners or shareholders

And while all this is being settled, and in view of the daunting of the painting, the ghost of the SAD (Sports Limited Company) fly over Barça’s lies without making noise. No one may really believe that the club will one day cease to belong to the members, it may not be seen as a real threat. Maybe it’s the elephant in the room.

The Laporta board has repeated that it is capable of frightening the monster. But there are not a few expert voices in Barcelona that warn that the danger of SAD is very real. The former presidential candidate Toni Freixa He raised the alarm in a recent tweet when he learned that the Laporta board of directors will propose changes in the Statutes in the Assembly so as not to be forced to resign if he does not wipe the losses in two seasons, which is impossible. The starting point, as is known, is located at 481 million losses and a debt of 1,350. It is not a heavy backpack; it is a cathedral on the back. Getting afloat goes a long way.

Attorney Freixa said in his tweet. “Suspending Article 67 without an alternative is the prelude to SAD.” He spoke to this newspaper to explain what he meant: “If there are no limits and controls and Barça is allowed to go into debt even more, the club will be left in the hands of the creditors,” he says, underlining, yes, that the board it is convenient to help her.

But alert: “Creditors want to collect. It is like a mortgage; if you don’t pay, the bank keeps the floor for you ”. And he concludes: “I am concerned that a day will come when such a dramatic situation is drawn that we are told: ‘if we want the club to continue to exist, we have to become SAD. And people will have no choice but to accept it ”.

On romanticism

The debt can easily climb to 2,500 million, some voices recall, once the pending reform of the Camp Nou is launched. “The situation is extremely complex. It hangs by a thread ”, he considers worried Marc duch, promoter of the motion of censure to Bartomeu and who is now working on a document about what it would mean to become a SAD. “The danger is very real,” he asserts.

“The danger is very real. There are people who are not so romantic and in fact there are already movements to pave the way towards SAD ”Marc Duch, promoter of the motion of no confidence against Bartomeu


Duch suspects that there are many members and fans who don’t care so much whether the club ends up in the hands of shareholders or a foreign billionaire, those who just want a Haaland brought to them and win. The work in which they are immersed is designed for them. A warning of the consequences. “There are people who are not so romantic and in fact there are already movements to pave the way towards SAD.”

Laporta has always been adamant against the change in the nature of the entity. He recently told a press conference that there is nothing to fear in this regard. “We have a plan to get out of this ruinous situation and we are clear that the club must always be owned by its members.”

The main defendant in this crisis begins to be held accountable. This Monday Bartomeu declares in the Ciutat de la Justícia, like his right hand, Jaume masferrer, for him ‘Barçagate case‘. It is a path that the former president will have to learn well if Laporta opts for the judicial route to restore the damages allegedly infringed on the club. Whether they are curable or long-lasting damages remains to be seen, with a sheikh or a mutual fund just around the corner.


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