January 18, 2021

The ghost of socialism appears in the great conservative congress of the USA.

US conservatives and the environment of President Donald Trump on Friday took heavy artillery against socialism, considering it a “threat” greater on the economy than the coronavirus, in a year in which the country holds presidential elections in November.

“The virus is not going to sink the US economy, what is going to or can sink the US economy is the socialism of our friends on the other side of the hemicycle. That is the biggest fear I have,” said the principal White House economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, in his speech at the Conservative Conference on Political Action (CPAC).

In that sense, Kudlow said that this year’s electoral process will pose a battle in the country against socialism.

Next to him spoke the daughter and presidential adviser, Ivanka Trump, who went further in criticism of socialism and warned that the problems derived from him can be seen even in “politics less left.”

These ideas have been repeated a lot during the congress, as rapporteur after rapporteur, the words against the progressive left of the Democratic Party and socialism have resonated in the auditorium with the majority of participants.

Not in vain this year’s edition of the CPAC, the annual congress of the country’s conservatives, which takes place at the Gaylord convention center in the National Harbor (Maryland), has been dubbed the “United States against Socialism.”

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence said that “socialism has failed everywhere, where it has been tested in all ages, on all continents and with people of all kinds. Freedom works, socialism.”

To which he added that it is not necessary to look outside the continent to prove it, since, he said, “Venezuela was once the second richest country in the hemisphere and after more than a decade of socialist dictatorship almost 5 million people in that country have fled. “

One of the big stars in the audience was the British politician Nigel Farage, Euro-MP, who invited those present Friday to support the leftist Senator Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee in the presidential elections, to have “4 more years of Donald Trump, “and even recover the majority in the House of Representatives.

The only highlight of this conference that made no mention of the progressive left was the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who in his speech today put aside the attacks to celebrate the most conservative of the United States. They had never been so strong.

“Can anyone in this room remember a better time to be conservative in the United States?” Pompeo asked rhetorically, who came to the conference after the Democrats reproached him for just giving two hours to testify about Iran in Congress, but that, instead, take time to attend the CPAC.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has also been very present at the event, since if Pence called for calm yesterday, the head of the White House Cabinet, Mick Mulvaney, said today that journalists were paying close attention to this matter, as a way to try to end the president.

“The press is covering the fraud of the day because they thought it would end the president. The reason they are paying so much attention today is that they think this will knock the president out, this is all this is about,” Mulvaney said of the coronavirus

The expansion of the COVID-19 virus throughout the globe was used by some speakers of less media relevance to justify a more restrictive border policy in the US.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the CPAC, in which he plans to deliver a Trump speech.

Guillermo García Ballescá


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