The ghost of Schumacher | sports

The ghost of Schumacher | sports

From time to time the wind brings us the name of Schumacher in a headline, and immediately another burst takes it, making us doubt if we saw it. Maybe it's a plan for us to believe that ghosts exist, come and go, emerge and disappear. Michael Schumacher survived that distant accident in the snow, but at the same time disappeared. First everything was dramatic, then everything was confusing, then everything was secret and finally everything was silent. On December 29, 2013, the legend of motorsport slipped through the snow of Maribel when he lost control of the skis and hit his head against a rock. "We do not know exactly if it is serious or not," said the director of the facilities at the first moment. At night, his condition was already critical. "He suffered a severe head injury, was in a coma and underwent an operation," the hospital in Grenoble reported.

Days passed, weeks went by, months were undone. There was no information, only news. From time to time, the family said that he was stable, but critical. Soon, he chose not to say anything. He raised an inviolable murio. Rumors about his health skyrocketed. In April 2014 the family confirmed that it was progressing. "He goes through moments of consciousness and wakes up." In June, he was secretly transferred to a Swiss clinic, in an ambulance labeled with a false name. "She is no longer in a coma," said Sabine Kehm, her manager and spokesperson.

The days became a succession of steps forward and steps back. The holders became wisps in the eyes. Schumi in the recovery phase. Shumi can not speak or move. Small improvement of Shumi. Shumi shows encouraging signs. Shumi goes home. There are no significant improvements in Shumi's health. When it was two years after the accident, the German magazine Bunte He announced that the expilot "can walk again". It was like a "Christmas miracle." In fact, it was not a miracle, and the family denied that the magazine reflected the truth about Schumacher's condition. One day there could be small reasons for optimism, and the next could appear the former president of Ferrari and affirm "I have news about him and unfortunately they are not good".

Protected by the family, Schumacher faded to make his existence something unprovable for the rest of the world. Nobody knows how he is, while his legend goes and comes in the wind. Two years ago his manager greeted on his behalf through Facebook to share old memories. This August a Swiss magazine announced that Schumacher would go to live in Mallorca, but again Sabine Kehm came out to cool such a truth, stating that the expilot's family did not contemplate moving. Another blast took his name again. But as in those tricks in which a magician makes an object disappear, even a human being, and then makes it reappear, on Friday the son of the expiloto was proclaimed champion of Formula 3. In a different way, in the air there will always be Schumacher.

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