The 'ghost actress' who reincarnated Princess Leia by Carrie Fisher | Innovation

The 'ghost actress' who reincarnated Princess Leia by Carrie Fisher | Innovation

Attention: this piece contains a spoiler about the movie Rogue One: a Star Wars story. Although we alluded only to 15 seconds of footage that, in any case, do not affect the plot.

Ingvild Deila is included in the credits of the first of the films that complement the official trilogies of the Star Wars saga, one of the ideas that Disney has had to try to squeeze as much as possible the goose that lays the golden eggs that George Lucas fathered. The funny thing is that the face of this 31-year-old Norwegian actress does not have to be familiar to those who have seen the film: her role was to make a mannequin of flesh and blood so that those responsible for CGI superimposed on it the features of a Carrie. 19 year old Fisher (those who had the deceased actress when he shot Star Wars A new hope).

The actress Ingvild Deila, during an act of promotion of the film 'Rogue One'.

Deila was the actress who played the actress who originally played Princess Leia. It sounds like a word game, but it did. And, according to recently published MIT Technology Review, the Norwegian has seen how her role has catapulted her career thanks to the overwhelming media exposure that involves participating in a project related to the legendary saga, which includes conventions and various events in addition to the promotion of the film itself.

The funny thing is that Deila is not the only ghost actress hired for the movie. Guy Henry was the one who lent his body to act as a puppet on which to digitally reconstruct Peter Cushing, the actor who once gave life to Grand Moff Tarkin. Unlike Fisher, who still lived when filmed Rogue One and that he would have given his approval to the final montage of the film, Cushing died much earlier (in 1994), so his substitute Henry would technically be the first ghost actor Properly said. Hollywood's recent love for artificially resurrect some of their superstars It has generated an interesting debate in the film industry.

The Great Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing), the princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Darth Vader (David Prowse) in a photogram of 'Star Wars' (1977). The three characters returned to coincide in 'Rogue One' (2016), the first two recreated digitally and the third played by another actor (Spencer Wilding).

Deila tells MIT Technology Review that was prepared during months for its interpretation devouring the films, interviews and public appearances of Fisher that fell into his hands. Industrial Light and Magic, the company in charge of the special effects of the saga, scanned his body for three days. After that process came the shooting, which lasted a day. Of it was finally 15 seconds of footage in the final assembly of the film.

"It was very strange. I could say it was me, but definitely, at the same time it was not. It is difficult to describe that feeling, "Deila told MIT Technology Review after seeing the final result. That will be the shared feeling of the ghost actors or 2.0, a new class of interpretation professionals that, according to the trend of the film industry, have a great future.


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