February 27, 2021

The gesture of Messi with the homeless in Argentina

Leo Messi and his family showed their most supportive side for the polar cold wave that is shaking Argentina. VIP Bar Rosario, which belongs to the Argentine star and is taken by his family, opened its doors to help the homeless. "We face the cruel cold of the night all together! SI know someone who is in street situation, invite him to go through VIP ", said the publication of Facebook.

The Santa Fe, the thermal sensation reached zero degrees. This initiative offers a plate of food "Rich, abundant and above all warm" Y coat "That is being received" for people in street situations.

The bar is located on Avenida Rioja y Alem, near the National Flag Monument. From 7 pm to 9 pm (Santa Fe time) and from last 5 to July 19, the bar will help those who need it most. "We can all help!" The publication concluded.

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